Crescent Shawls FTW

Crescent Shawls

I’ve become obsessed with crescent-shaped shawls.  I love the combo of simple (usually stockinette) combined with lace and the occasional bead.  I love me just a little bling.   I blew through Mrs. Tumnus and now I’m close to being done with Lilac Wish (7 more lace rows plus a 648 stitch bind off).

Since I know I’ll be done soon (this weekend?) I’ve been looking for my next shawl.  Here are a few contenders (subtitled I have a thing for Susanna and Corrina):

I could knit any of them in either a laceweight or fingering weight.  Great use for stash yarn but no idea which one I’d do next.

What do you think I should do?  Why?  Feel free to suggest another crescent shawl as well.  I need to add to my faves.

I’ll catch you on the purl side.


5 thoughts on “Crescent Shawls FTW

  1. Beautiful selections. I have had Annis in my favs for a while. Maybe if I see you finish one, I will be inspired to cast it on. Currently Swallowtail by Evelyn Clark hsa captures my attention.

  2. I love also the crescent shawls knitted topDown; suggestions: a beautiful reversible shawlette Crescent over Lothlorien, and Sea leaves with wavy leaves , Tsidfy with a nice edge!

  3. You lace-weight shawl people always blow me away with your patience and eye for detail! Each of those are pretty, but my eye quickly went to Stellaria, it looks like a challenge, but so gorgeous!

  4. I’ve knit Annis, and it’s one of my favorite projects ever. I have Longfellow and a few other Corrina Ferguson patterns in my queue, just waiting for the right yarn.

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