Friday Faves – Shawls and Accessories

I’m trying out a new type of post – showcasing recent faves for the past week.  It’ll mean twice as many posts for me to write so I’m not sure I’ll be able to keep up.  But if I can I think it’ll be worth it for both you and me; a great way to go catalog what I like and what I may want to cast on in the future.  If it does stick. I’ll put together a few pages listing each type of fave – shocks, shawls, sweaters, cardis, etc.

Here’s this week’s faves…

We’ll start out with a few shawls.

Friday Fave Shawls - 7-5-13

  • Fulmar by Veera Valimaki – another garter stitch striped shawl, with classic Veera creativity.  Just when you think there are no new ways to make simple garter stitch sing, Veera comes out with a new one.
  • Sierra Lupine by Romi Hill – You can’t see it in this pic, but the shawl has 2 distinct lace patterns in it – a version of the classic Lily of the Valley (no nupps!) combined with one of my faves – a modified leaf design.  And just enough beads.
  • Ever the Wind by Luise O’Neill – This is such a different take on a shawl!  A slight crescent shape combined with cables and twisted stitches.  Although it takes 880 yards of fingering weight yarn, it’s knit from the cabled edge up so you could use up all your yarn.  The designer is new to me but she has a ton of designs.  Check them out on Ravelry.

And now a few accessories…

Friday Fave Accessories- 7-5-13

So what do you think of Friday Faves?  Inspirational?  Helpful?  What can I change to make it more useful for you?

If you’re in the US, I hope you’re enjoying an extra-long weekend.

I’ll catch you on the purl side.



7 thoughts on “Friday Faves – Shawls and Accessories

  1. I think this is a brilliant idea. There are so many patterns out there, that it’s nice to highlight some that ordinarily we wouldn’t stumble across. Especially from some of the less well known designers.

  2. Lovely list of scarves and accessories … love the Hermiones mitts, but of course I have to say that as the photo is my finished pair :)

  3. Love the patterns! I’ve had Hermione’s mittens favorited for ages but the shawls I hadn’t seen before. They’re wonderful!

    Oh, and Smaug’s socks look awesome too!

  4. Since I seem to be on yet another shawl kick, Fulmar is singing to me. Love the idea of sharing new and interesting patterns with us. Keep it up!
    The Smaug socks are fab!

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