Monogamy Redefined

aka Big Love

So do you remember last week when I said I can’t do monogamous knitting?  Turns out I just needed to think about monogamy a different way.

I’ve been zipping along on three projects – all for Rhinebeck.

Color Affection

Tosh Merino Light - with tags

I got 3 shades of TML.  From L to R – Kelp, Dahlia and Nutmeg.  I love this combo!  Nancy from WhitKnits helped me pick out this combo after my first order (that I picked out myself) left a lot to be desired.  And really, MadTosh colors shouldn’t leave anything to be desired, right?

Color Affection - 2nd color

Problem solved.

I’m making a few small mods:

  • I’m doing kfb instead of M1.  I hate working M1s.  I think that was most of the reason why I wasn’t successful with my first Color Affection project last year.
  • I’m not doing the common mod of working a YO 1 stitch in and then dropping it on the next row to make the edge stretchier.  I thought about this one a lot, but the thing that got me were the notes on Rav that mentioned that the tautness encouraged the crescent shape.  I definitely want that shape.  It’s so much nicer to wear.

Once Upon a Leaf {shawl}

As soon as this popped into my pattern recommendations I knew I had to CO.  This’ll be great for wearing like a scarf or a wrap on the fairgrounds.  Plus I was itching for some lace knitting.

Once Upon a Leaf - 1 repeat

The blue yarn is a provisional CO.  You start at the center and knit 4 repeats on each end.  This is one repeat in.  7 more to go.

Moyen Age

I’ve written a lot about this one.  This pic is 4 repeats in – almost done with the waist shaping.
Moyen - 4 repeats

I’m still in love with the color and so pleased that it’s not pooling or flashing.  Just gorgeous, hand-dyed variation.

I love all three of these projects, and can’t wait for the yarn to come for Sugar Maple.  Yeah, that means I’m trying for four projects for Rhinebeck.  Quite honestly, I’m not sure it’s possible.  But I sure am having fun trying.

I’ll catch you on the purl side.

9 thoughts on “Monogamy Redefined

  1. Big love indeed. I love them all equally. The colors you picked for your Color Affection are amazing. I may enlist your help if ever pluck up the courage to knit my own.
    Now about finishing all three by Rhinebeck, if it were anyone other than you I would say no way. :) But it is you and you can do it!

  2. I love the colors you chose for Color Affection! They are so vibrant and will make a striking shawl.

    The other projects are lovely. The blue on your sweater is gorgeous! It’ll be a perfect Rhinebeck sweater.

  3. Beautiful projects and yarns! I particularly love the vibrant color combo of your CA. Can’t wait to see your gorgeous wips finished :)

  4. thank you! I am so going to take your recommendation and do kfb instead of the m1s, I got a bit confused with them when I started the shawl and ended p putting it away for a while! Now when I’ve got my WIPs down to a reasonable level I’m going to try it again :O)
    Love the colours of yours, that turquoise is to die for X

  5. I love your projects Jody! The colors you picked for your Color Affection is perfect but if course MadTosh colors are always awesome. I almost thought about casting on the Once Upon a Leaf when showed up in my suggestions and after seeing yours, I might have too! Still love the Moyen :)

  6. Beautiful projects Jody! I think the Moyen is my favourite; that yarn is delectable!!! Can’t wait to see them all done.

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