She has arms

I knitted as much as I could this week (not nearly as much as I had hoped though) and got to the armholes.

Sugar Maple to ArmholesI can finally really see a color change!

Oh, and I tried it on and it fits too.  Phew.

Up next is binding off the arms and then lots of straight knitting with a few decs and incs to continue the V.

Now, I have to admit that I’m having my doubts about finishing 4 projects for Rhinebeck.  I worked up a spreadsheet and I need to knit 350 yards per week to make it.  This week I knit 197.   I was in project planning, stopping, measuring and calculating mode so I certainly didn’t knit as much, but that’s also a part of knitting projects.  Plus I’m way behind on other things I enjoy doing – blog reading, Ravelry browsing, flickr stalking and even cooking.   I’m not sure if 4 are even possible at this point.

And yeah, I’m a bit bummed about it.

The good news is I have some time off coming up and plan to get some extra knitting time in, so I’m going to hold off waving the white flag for a couple weeks.

I’ll catch you on the purl side.


5 thoughts on “She has arms

  1. Glad to hear that you are not waving the white flag yet. Progress is looking gorgeous. Unfortunately there is just not enough hours in the days to do all that we love.

  2. Don’t throw in the towel yet Jody, Rhinebeck is still a two months away. The progress you’ve made is awesome. This project is going to be amazing.

  3. She has arms and she is looking beautiful (no body and all). Don’t stress about the goals at this point. After all, the intentions count and you are keeping the WIPs visible (not in the bottom of the drawer like some people….that could or could not be me). Have a wonderful week!

  4. Three projects would still be an accomplishment. The fourth project could be “extra credit”.

    And that top looks lovely already. I can’t wait to see the full color transition.

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