Yarn has been acquired!

Twisted Evolution

And I’m in love. So much so that the anxiety over screwing it up made it so I couldn’t bring myself to CO the day it arrived. Have you ever experienced that?

I finally settled on a size, acquired the right needles and cast on by mid-day Saturday. I’ve only done a few rows but plan to get a lot done today and it looks like I should start to see the pink shade change soon. Exciting! I’m hoping that the color gradations encourage me to knit more. I’ve never done a fingering weight top before but I think this yarn could be the thing to make it a success.

As a reminder, I’m making Sugar Maple.

Sugar Maple

As for planned mods, I only have 2 right now:

  • Vertical bust darts
  • A straight hem along the front

I think the bust darts will need to be in the side seam to avoid skewing the look of the biased front. I may play with casting on some additional sts at the armhole too but since this is top down I’ll try it on as I go and decide on the fly.

New KAL!

my sisters knitter

Andi started a finish it along to encourage us serial cast-on-ers to finish projects too. I counted up my active WIPs and counted 11. I want to get these 4 done before Rhinebeck

  • Sugar Maple
  • Color Affection
  • Moyen Age
  • Once Upon a Leaf

That’s 4,100 yards to knit by mid-October – 320 yards per week.  Doable but tight.

If it wasn’t for the KAL I wouldn’t have done the math on how much I needed to knit.  I’m glad I know now.  Thanks, Andi!

If you’re interested, Andi setup a Ravelry group to help KALers with support, encouragement, and maybe even a little tough love.

And with that, please excuse me while I knit knit knit.

I’ll catch you on the purl side.

8 thoughts on “Yarn has been acquired!

  1. Oh Jody … that yarn is … just sexy. As much as yarn can be anyway! LOLOL! That top is going to be awesome I can’t wait to see how it turns out.

    As for the finish along … I’ll be one of them needing my butt kicked and some tough love! LOLOL! I think I’m going to cook early then work on one of my hats today.

  2. I may have you become my personal yarn buyer, as this yarn is beautiful! You always find the most fantastic yarns. And yes, I have had the anxiety of casting on something for fear of messing it up, case and point Cold Mountain. :)
    I love your goals and how detailed you are. Think I am going to take some pointers from you and work on pinning down my goals.
    I think we will all be knit, knit, knitting away today!

  3. I like that top a lot, I can’t wait to see your progress. The color gradations are amazing and I bet they are even prettier in your yarn!

  4. What a beautiful yarn Jody and it’s perfect for your Sugar Maple! The KAL group Andi started is a great idea. I think a few of us have WIPs that need to be finished, I know I do.

  5. Beautiful yarn! I really look forward to seeing your progress! It will be gorgeous! Wow! Four FOs in so little time! I joined the KAL too for one project probably though. It will be fun to see all the FOs!

  6. I was away with some girlfriends a couple of weekends ago, and one of my pals was knitting with this yarn. It is lurvely! Love that pattern too. Nice, nice, nice x

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