A little progress on Color Affection

Color Affection - third color

I promptly cast on for another project right after I put together last week’s post on Color Affection inspiration.  But it sat with me all week and by the end of the week I couldn’t wait to work on it again.

I pulled it out yesterday and finished all of section 2 and even got to section 3.  It’s great to work with the green-blue Kelp as well.  I’m understanding why this shawl has almost 10,000 projects on Rav – the colors taunt you to knit more.

Color Affection- third color close up

There are two less-than-awesome things that happened when I added the third color:

  • The yarns were getting tangled on each other – as in I had to detangle them every two rows.  That wasn’t sustainable so I deliberately thought about how I was rotating my work each row and I think I may have figured this out.  I need to knit more before I know for sure.
  • I’m not totally in love with the third color yet.  I did love – really love – the 3 colors together in the hanks though, so I’m forging ahead with the hope that I just need to work more Kelp in the shawl to pull it together.  Sometimes you just have to do that with knitting, you know?

I’ll be knitting away on Color Affection today, hoping my affection for the colors magically evolves.

I’ll catch you on the purl side.



10 thoughts on “A little progress on Color Affection

  1. Honestly, i like those 3 together. The blue adds a nice pop to the shawl. I think if you keep knitting you’ll come to love it.

  2. I think with anything like these types of knits, you will love it once it is blocked. These colors are magnificent together and I know that you will treasure this once it is completed,

  3. Now, you see, I quite like those three colours together. I’m going to have to agree with Lisa and Andi. I reckon you’ll love it once it’s done.

  4. The color combo looks beautiful to me, veru vibrant. I’m sure if you knit a little bit more repeats with the 3rd color, it will blend more smoothly and you will have another opinion of the overall effect. :)

  5. I hope you’re feeling happier with your colour combi by now, it looks good to me! I know what you mean though, I have started and ripped out a striped shawl twice now because, although the colours looked perfect together with the skeins side by side, once I started knitting them the scheme just didn’t do it for me. I’m on to something else now but one day will go back to it, I’m sure.
    Happy knitting, and thanks for your lovely comment x

  6. Well, I’m a fan of the colors you chose. The teal helps show off the other two colors. I think the only other way you could go is to have a bright yellow. But I like the teal better.

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