Math can be a cold-hearted b*tch

Last week’s progress was good – but not good enough.  I needed to knit 350 yards last week but I barely hit 200.  And I knitted as much as I could. If I didn’t make it last weekend, I had no chance of hitting 350 during other weeks.

So, I’ve changed my Rhinebeck goals.  I’m going to finish Sugar Maple and then one other project out of the others (not sure which one yet).  It’ll still be more than I’ve ever knitted just for Rhinebeck and I’ll still be able to walk around the fairgrounds on Saturday wearing a top that I made.  Not exactly what I had planned but it’ll still be good.  It’ll still be Rhinebeck with its gorgeous fall foliage and crisp mornings.  I’ll still get a ton of time to hang out with Christy watching DVDs of West Wing and Gilmore Girls.  And of course there will be yarn shopping.

And I’ll do all of this without 2 months of insane stress and anxiety.

I’m mostly ok with this :)

Are you curious where I’m at with Sugar Maple today?  I haven’t knit since last Sunday so I don’t have a lot of new progress to show you.  I did bind off for the sleeves and got further on the color changes – that was fun!  And starting the waist decreases is always welcome – yay, less stitches!

Sugar Maple - start of waist decs

I’m glad to be seeing new colors, but I’m a bit concerned I’m not going to knit through the entire ball and get to the black.  I envisioned the bottom part of this top being black, but I’m not sure it’s going to get there quickly enough.  The bottom tip of the V is about an inch above my waist right now.  I’m hoping this really eats up yarn!  Either way it’s gorgeous and the cashmere in this yarn makes for a cushy, cozy top.  I won’t be suffering regardless, it’ll just be a bit different than I had envisioned.  Only one way to find out – knit on…

I’ll catch you on the purl side.

7 thoughts on “Math can be a cold-hearted b*tch

  1. I think you made a wise choice Jody. I’m sending you great colour change mojo! Whatever happens you’ll have something that you want to wear without angst and frustration. Added bonus, you’ll also be able to do other things you love.

    I’m about to do some Math now. The KAL project that I’m working on is at three inches (it’s supposed to get to 9 in order to fit me well) and the yarn looks like it’s almost gone. My guess-timation Math is telling me that I should stop, start over and use a different skein of yarn so I’m going to check on that Queen B Math and see if she’ll be better to me than she was to you. LOLOL!

  2. Well, one way to make sure you get to the black would be to cut out some of the purple. But I suspect that you will be fine. You might not have a lot of black, but it could still show up at the bottom.

  3. I can’t stand how much I love this knit. It will be so amazing. I think you will be fine and the black will be right where you want it. Think what you want, but I think you have made a huge amount of progress.

  4. I’m glad you’ve realized your limits, as hard as it is! No sense killing yourself!! You have seriously convinced me that I need to knit a Sugar Maple with this yarn too. Yep, it’s pretty much decided :))

  5. This project is fabulous! You may not reach your original goal in terms of number of projectscompleted. But to have a knockout knit like this must be some consolation. Stunning.

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