Friday Faves: Self-Striping Sock Patterns

As you probably know, I have a bit of a growing obsession with self-striping yarn (there are a few missing from my stash page and one more that’s being shipped soon) and I suspect a lot of you do as well.

Here are a few good options…

The Simple

These are some great options for mindless knitting when you’re looking for a result a bit more than simple stockinette or 2×2 rib.
Simple Self-Striping

Chevrons & Sideways Stripes

Pretty simple for most of the time, with a few fiddly bits where you need to pay attention.
A Bit More Complex Self-Striping

And When You Want More Complicated…

These are a bit more complicated with really complex results.
More Complicated Self-Striping

Just putting together this post had me daydreaming about projects and yarn.  I’m in the mood for a more simple knit, so any of those top designs are good contenders.

How about you?

I’ll catch you on the purl side.

9 thoughts on “Friday Faves: Self-Striping Sock Patterns

  1. Oooh there’s a few patterns there that I didn’t have in my Rav queue.

    Have to admit to being a sucker for sock yarn myself; self-striping, variegated, tonal, any sock yarn 😉

  2. Thanks for putting up a very nice selection of patterns Jody. I tend to queue the simple and I just added the “new to me” Pin Striped pattern.

  3. I already had a sock problem, but I think you’ve made it a little worse! I even have the self-striping sock yarn problem to match. I’m thinking a pair of skews might be in order.

  4. Self-striping sock yarn rocks! Just needed to say that. :)

    Excellent sock selections. While I love the wild and interesting designs, I always seem to fall back on mindless patterns.

  5. I tend to knit the simpler patterns – I enjoy a straightforward knit for my on-the-go projects. But those skew socks really call to me too :)

  6. Oh you temptress! I’ve thought about knitting the Vanilla Latte socks and Skype Socks, but will have to wait fir a while. I do love self-striping yarns too :)

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