A dash of this and a Sprig of that

I’m sure you’re thinking you’ll see some updates on all the WIPs I posted last week but as it turns out I wasn’t done with shopping.  Or casting on.


It started on my commute Monday morning.  I was listening to the latest Never Not Knitting podcast when Alana told us that she released Sprig.  All her talk about the clever construction resulting in a very wearable pullover took over my imagination.  And look at that little button detail on the sleeve cuff!  But given I had just cast on for 2 sweaters and my sweater track record isn’t…ahem…very good, I started shopping my stash.  I found some deep purple Berroco Vintage that would probably work for gauge but who wants a purple sprig?

I found myself shopping at Woolbearers on Tuesday night and came home with 4 skeins of Madelinetosh Tosh Merino DK in Faded Parka – a gray-green.

faded parka tosh merino dk

Since I was substituting I was a good knitter and did a gauge swatch – washed and dried it.  I was spot on for 5 SPI unwashed, but after washing the superwash yarn easily stretched to 4.5 SPI.  So, I went down to a US 5.  It’s a bit of a risk because I’m counting on the sweater stretching out to fit me without looking like a sausage casing, but since I also didn’t want to swim in the sweater I had to take this risk.

I’m about halfway through the raglan increases.  I’ll spare you another picture of 3″ of WIP that doesn’t look like anything.

Since the pattern is so new I took a hard look at it to spot any errors and I did find one in the schematic.  I emailed Alana and within a few hours I had a reply thanking me, including the correct numbers.  I’m very impressed with her quick reply and cheerful attitude – even on a Saturday.

Would you believe that I’m gaga over all things sweater now?  I’ve been faving and researching them left and right.  I’m not sure how long this will last before I *need* small needles in my hands, but I’ll ride this one out while it’s here.  I’m sure the cold weather and the shorter days has something to do with it.

And who knows, maybe I’ll even get a sweater out of the deal?

I’ll catch you on the purl side.

5 thoughts on “A dash of this and a Sprig of that

  1. I love Alana Dakos designs! My next sweater will be a cardi because I wasn’t able yet to knit a sweater that fits me really well. But were I to knit a sweater, this one would be a really great option. I like the simplicity it has plus the small details that make it unique! Look forward to seeing yours in… Mad Tosh!!!

  2. It sounds like you are going to have many lovely sweaters to wear in the future. I see nothing wrong with working on several sweaters at once. Plus, that Tosh guarantees that it won’t be stuck in a WIP pile for too long.

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