A few more Christmas break WIPs

I did a lot of knitting – and casting on – this week.  I let myself knit on whatever I wanted to work on.  No worries about what I should work on or what I need to work on – just what I wanted to work on.

Mini-Skein Blender Socks

rainbow sparkle color 2 done

I got through the second color and started the third.  I’m now at the start of the gussets.

I’ll admit that the 2 strands of yarn and swapping of colors isn’t all that.  But I do like the effect.

Paul’s Chicago Bears Socks

chicago bears pre-gusset

I also put several inches on Paul’s Bears socks and I’m ready to start the gussets.  These are supposed to be his 2013 socks but given we’re 3 days away from 2014 I suspect they’ll be a tad late.

Paul’s Pismo Hat

pismo - tubular cast on

Fortunately though I also started his Pismo hat in 2 shades of Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino.  I began with a tubular cast on that only took me 4 tries – that cast on is SO fiddly.  And then once I got the cast on right, I knit the first row with the tail.  Awesome.

But now I’m at the last round of the red stripe so it should be easy sailing until the decreases.

I’m calling this Paul’s I Love You This Much hat because I wouldn’t do all that twisted ribbing for just anyone.

And that probably includes myself.

SKA January 2014 plans

I decided to to the SKA knitdown for January – the technique of the month is lace and I love knitting lace socks.  The longer repeats make the knitting go quickly and the results are gorgeous.  I’ve narrowed it down to 4 designs

lace socks for ska jan 14

and 4 stash yarns

Yarn options for Jan 14 SKAI was shocked to discover that I have very little solid sock yarn in my stash.  Enough to get me through a few pairs but they’re all in the pink/red/purple shades with the one lonely skein of orange.

Right now I’m leaning toward Isabella D’Este in the orange.

I have two more cast ons that I didn’t take pics of yet but the dark and dank day is making that impossible so I’ll show you them next time.

I’ll catch you on the purl side.


6 thoughts on “A few more Christmas break WIPs

  1. Lovely pics as always! You look like you are having a lot of fun knitting! Me too, I’ve been knitting and watching movies on TV! I love my vacations so far! :)

  2. Knitting liberation? Sounds like fun! The socks are very nice! Worth the effort of working with two yarns. Ah the things we do for love—he will love that hat. Guaranteed.

  3. Looks at these fantastic colors! Didn’t think it was possible to love each and every knit the same, but I do.
    I really like the effect of changing the colors in your blender socks.
    Paul deserves that much love. :)

  4. I am loving those mini skein socks. There is just something about those colors… I did a shawl with similar stripes myself and loved it. I also agree that the Isabella D’Este in the orange would be perfect. But Cookie A’s pattern is also calling my name. I have that book and have yet to knit anything out of it.

    • same here – i got the book when it first came out and it’s been gathering dust ever since. ska is doing a cookie month later in the year so that takes the pressure off of the cookie pattern – i can do any cookie design that month.

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