Yoke – check

obsidian arm body divide
I’m making decent progress on Obsidian. I made it a goal to be done with the yoke this weekend and I’m there.

Phew, the party is less than 2 weeks away!

Not surprisingly, I find myself daydreaming about a more intricate project – thick, cushy cables mostly. Makes sense since the lows have been in the 20s lately.

Most of the knitting is straight garter at this point – easy to pick up at any time. And I can attest to the simplicity of working through falling asleep on it mid-row.

obsidian back seam
This pic is for Audry who asked about the seam. I think it works well in this design. I’m curious what it would look like when worked at a regular gauge for the yarn. I might experiment with that at some point.

I mentioned that I’m daydreaming about other projects. I’ve even started to plan my Christmas vacation knitting and I’m getting excited! Squishy cables and a new to me yarn that’s to die for. I can’t wait to share my plans with you.

For now though, I’m plugging away at Obsidian. After today I only have one more weekend to work on it so I have to stay focused. It’s amazing what not having the option to put down a project does for progress.

I’ll catch you in the purl side.

3 thoughts on “Yoke – check

  1. Gorgeous progress, Jody. You are going to be the hottest lady at the party.

    I too have a wondering eye for cables rights now. But then again, when don’t I?

  2. Great progress Jody! You’re sure to finish it on time.

    I’m glad you showed us the seam. I started working on a hat over the Thanksgiving holiday in worsted weight then frogged it because I didn’t like the seam. On your size yarn, it works.

  3. Thanks for taking that extra photograph. I’m impressed with how hidden the seam is. I think it looks much better than a garter stitch with a jog.

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