And the obsession continues

I’ve only knit on 3 in 1 for the past week.  I momentarily dreamed of some garter stitch but that was fleeting.

I want to wear this top.  Now.  Right now.

Last week I talked about the 2 color options I had – orange in the middle or the bottom.  I decided on the middle.

The Cast On

I wanted to be sure to get a stretchy cast on.  I have a store bought sweater that’s stretchy everywhere except the cast on edge and it’s SO annoying.  I understand why handknitters have trouble with stretchy cast ons, but machine knit sweaters have no excuse not to use a good cast on.  {/rant>

3 in 1 - cast on.I did the Very Stretchy Cast On (wish there was a more unique name) and while it was painful to cast on all those stitches it’s living up to its name and is both very stretchy and very pretty.  I love how tonal handdyeds look when they’re cast on.

The Ribbing

3 in 1 - ribbing done

The ribbing worked up surprisingly quick even though it’s on 3.25mm needles.  The ChiaoGoo tips really helped speed things along.  And bonus – no unsightly striping or flashing.

Section 1

3 in 1 - section 1 done


The first section was straightforward too.  That joining of the second color was a bit fiddly, especially with the intentional purls rolling up into the work.  There might have been some cursing.

Section 2

3 in 1 - section 2 doneBy the time I got to section 2 I knew what to expect with the joining round so it went smoother – it didn’t fly by but I got better at it and don’t think I even raised my voice or grunted (you rate your knitting that way too right?).

I’m now onto the magenta and can’t wait to get done with these short rows so I can just knit knit knit in the round.  Then it will truly be TV knitting – although I did knit on it at the pub a bunch last night so I guess it’s technically already at that point.

I know I’m not the only one obsessed with this pattern – the number of projects in Rav has almost doubled since I cast on a week ago.  This knitter even went a step further than I did with the color options and mocked up 9 variations to help her decide.  It was fun to look through all the different options she had.

I’ve already been daydreaming about what to do with all the leftovers I’m going to have.  Stripey legwarmers maybe?

I’ll catch you on the purl side.


8 thoughts on “And the obsession continues

  1. I just love how this is unfolding! And yes … shamefacedly, I too measure how well my crafting is going by the levels of grunts or curses. 😉

  2. But no flinging? Some of my projects get rated by how far I’ve flung it across the room. Inevitably, there is someone there to witness my bad behavior. I prefer when that someone is the dog.

    Also, it sure is glorious when a project can command so much enthusiasm that the knitting is a pleasure!

  3. I love seeing your progress! The green and orange are a beautiful combination so far and you are making me want to cast something in vibrant spring colours now!

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