Goals check in: mid-March

Truth be told I’ve been all over the place with my knitting so far this year.   No surprise, right?  So I felt like it was a good time to do a check in and see where I’m at with the goals.

Here’s what I posted on January 1st, with updates if I’ve made any progress…

  • Knit more socks – I say this every year.  I love wearing handknit socks and I enjoy knitting them.  I’ve knit 2 pairs each of the past few years.  For 2014, I’m making 4 pairs my goal.  I’m almost halfway through sock #2 of my rainbow socks.  Not bad.  Not awesome either.

15 color rainbow socks one down

  • Get on track with Paul’s pair of socks per year – I was off to a great start and finished Paul’s 2012 socks in February, but then fizzled out.  The man puts up with a whole room dedicated to knitting, yarn and crafting.  He deserves a little more sock love.  I’m a bit further than this pic at this point.  Just a tad.

chicago bears pre-gusset

  • Knit more garments – I finally knit a garment this year and I even started a few more.  For 2014 I’d like to knit 2 garments.  I’m making good progress on Overlynd.  Now let’s see how long that lasts.

overlynd sleeve split back

  • Use more festival yarn – I did really well in 2012 and knit all the yarn I got at festivals.  For 2013, not so much.  I’d like to get back to knitting more of the yarn that I buy during the year.  Nada.
  • Branch out with colors for accessories – I’m never going to look good wearing orange near my face but mittens or socks?  No problem.  I bought some orange yarn for a pair of mitts – does that count?

miss babs northumbria french marigold

  • Add more non-sock weight yarn to my stash. – And then knit with it.  I have almost no heavier weight yarn and I’m reminded of this every time I come across a pattern I like for aran, worsted or DK weight. I bought the lilac yarn for Overlynd this year.
  • Actually knit with some of my self-striping yarn – It’s my kryptonite and I’m in jeopardy of becoming the self-striping hoarder.  Plus I really want to buy more.  Both sock WIPs are with self-striping.  Of course, I also bought another skein as well.  Ahem.  But let’s not focus on that.  It’s St. Patrick’s Day and the colorway is Lucky Leprechaun.  Hmm – maybe I should CO these socks tonight.  I am half Irish after all.

desert vista dyeworks lucky leprechaun

  • Make some of my UFOs into FOs – I have 16 non-hibernating UFOs.  I’m fine with a lot of WIPs and UFOs but I’d love to get a few more FOs as well.  A little more focus would be a good thing.  We all know I have no FOs for 2014 yet.  I’m half process/half product knitter.  This clearly only satisfies one half of this knitter’s sensibilities.

I’m actually glad I put this post together – everything I’ve bought and worked on this year went toward at least one of my goals – something I didn’t realize until I wrote it.  I guess I’m not as much of an unfocused slacker as I thought.

But I do still want to have at least one FO soon.  No date – just soon.

I’ll catch you on the purl side.

11 thoughts on “Goals check in: mid-March

  1. I had so much reading your blog post today. I love taking stock and thinking about what projects I still want to knit, etc. Your socks are looking amazing! I’ll cheer you all the way.

    • i enjoyed writing it too! i realized how much fun it was to take stock and i think i’ll do this periodically.

      your socks in progress don’t help my desire to cast on all the socks though…

  2. I think that given it’s only March, and we are all busy humans, your progress is just fine. Mine is about the same to be honest. Keep up the good work !

  3. Love, love all the color in this update! You’ve had a great start — awareness is a good thing, and you’ve got momentum.

  4. Ooh I like to see all of your goals and progress so far! You are doing awesome, Jody! I love that Desert Vista Dyeworks….I *must* get my hands on some too!

  5. Great socks Jody ! I have seemed to have slowed down on my sock knitting and still I’m plugging away at the same to WIPs. Love the progress on your sweater, so pretty!

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