Maryland Sheep and Wool – planning for year…

Wait for it…wait for it…

Year 11.

Wow – it’s been that long?  I had to verify by going back to my old blog posts – from 2004.  If you’re curious, read the post from that morning and the post after we got home.  It took me back.

This year isn’t very different from my plans for the last few festivals.  Sock yarn – preferably hand dyed and indie – and maybe some dk or worsted if I see anything special.

I took stock of the sock yarn I had to see if there were any holes.

sock yarn april 2013

All the color families are represented but there are pockets of colors that are missing – bold green and light blue come to mind.  I’d also like to see if there are any gradient yarns – either in a kit or in a continuous strand – that grab my eye.

As for patterns, I seem to be in a non-lace, garter or stockinette frame of mind.  Here are a few of the patterns I’ve liked lately.  While I won’t say I need to cast on for any of these, they’re good inspiration while shopping.

shawl yarn shopping

Top Row

Imagine When, Pendulum and Bolt

Middle Row

At Dawn, The Vampyre and Eagle Twist

Bottom Row

Piewhacket, Geneva and Apres la pluie

It runs the gamut from fingering to DK, includes solids and both 2- and 3-color stripes and textures by using garter, stockinette, changes in direction and changes in yarn colors.  They’re all simple enough to wear at work and not feel like a grandma but interesting enough to knit to keep my attention.

Lots to love.

What are your favorite new shawl patterns?

I’ll catch you on the purl side…

4 thoughts on “Maryland Sheep and Wool – planning for year…

  1. 11 years? This is impresive indeed!
    Love all your potential future wip’s! Can’t wait to see what you are going to buy and knit!
    Enjoy your shopping time!

  2. Yay for MSW festival. I know you will do me proud and buy all the yarn!;)

    Look forward to seeing all the treats you come away with.

    Imagine When shawl has been on my “want-to-knit” list for a while. I think you should knit a large one in a fantastic red.

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