slow burn

elfe yarn cakes

I wrote last week that I started another project.  Truthfully, I wasn’t at all convinced that this one was going to stick.  I’m not even sure now.

All week I looked at my tiny Elfe WIP and said “eh”.  I didn’t touch it all week.

But then yesterday came and the gorgeous weather just begged for me to sit on the patio and knit.  The beautiful weather and great natural lighting were the perfect storm I needed.

I worked on Elfe a bit.

elfe start

I have a couple stripes now and I like the color combo.  The surprise though is the shading in Victorian Village – I absolutely *love* it!  Look at those gorgeous subtle variations.  I felt the same way about the yarn for Sugar Maple and it became the first garment I finished in 2?  3?  years.

elfe yarn close up

The other part that’s been fun is working on my first contiguous sleeve.  I’m at that awkward-to-photograph stage so it’s hard to tell but I’ve completed the shoulders and the setup rounds for the sleeve caps.  It’s too small to try on yet but it looks sleeve-ish so I’ll keep going.

I’m not ready to declare that this is *the* project to get me knitting but I am enjoying it.  Baby steps.

And in case you need a distraction, the Spring 2014 Twist Collective went up last night.  One of the best warm weather knitting issues I’ve seen in a long time.

I’ll catch you on the purl side…



2 thoughts on “slow burn

  1. Even if this project isn’t “the one”, I think that the colors really go well together. Maybe just a little bit more knitting and it will become “the one”.

  2. I love the colors Jody and it will be quite striking when you’re done. Love the Spring Twist Collective too… so many heavenly things to knit, now just to find the time :)

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