If at first you don’t succeed…

try, try again.

So I did, and cast on a couple new projects.

loki ribbingFirst up are the Loki socks in Bitsy Knits Sock82me.  The stitch definition is great but the 8 ply yarn is a little splitty.  Not the best combo for twisted stitches but I love the colors.

The yarn has just enough pinks in it and the oranges are a nice departure for me.  And now that I’ve started the main leg pattern, the intricate stitching is a welcome change.  My recent socks have all been vanilla varieties and I think it’s not been enough to keep my attention.

sock82me yarn cakeNext up is Joji’s Imagine When in Spinning Fates Lorelei in the colorway Twilight.  The yarn was a gift from Andi and I’m in love – purples, blues and total softness.

imagine when section 1The tidy picots add just that little bit of feminity without being too much.  Plus they make it easy to track where I’m at in the repeat.  I love patterns that are self documenting and don’t require umpteen stitch markers to keep track.  I’m close to being done with the first section and can’t wait to add in the short rows of the next section.


16 thoughts on “If at first you don’t succeed…

    • they’re both really nice patterns. Imagine When is something I can pickup whenever. the socks are simpler too – only a total of 10 cable twists per 8 round repeat.

  1. I love both projects! And I am with you on patterns that don’t need to be tracked every single row with a row counter 😛

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