Summer is for sock yarn shawl knitting

I’ve been having a ball knitting on Collinear – I’m more than halfway done in just 2 weeks.

I mentioned in my last post that I don’t enjoy working with many yarns at once.  But sometimes pretty sucks you in and dazzles – this is one of those times.  I did lessen the annoyance factor a bit this week though.

collinear - with less tangles

I put the edging yarn (that teeny ball) in a yarn bra and attached it to the shawl with a locking stitch marker.  This way it’s always where it needs to be and there’s one less yarn strand to deal with.  It hasn’t eliminated tangles but it’s definitely reduced them – plus I don’t have to deal with that tiny ball falling to the floor and rolling around any more.

That’s not the only shawl on the needles though – I started a Dangling Conversation a few weeks back out of my Fiber Optics gradient kit.  You might remember that I started a shawl with this yarn last year but it wasn’t doing it for me.  I love how it’s working up in this pattern though.

dangling conversation greensIt’s worked on a 3.25 mm needle so it’s a bit airy and drapey.  The beads give it just a bit of weight so it’s not all fluttery but I don’t think it’s going to weight it down.  I’m going to love wearing this one and can’t wait to see what it looks like all blocked and evened out.

And then we have Imagine When.  The color is very me but also very different from my other shawls I’m currently working on.  I have the perfect skirt to wear it with too.  I love when I can think of a whole outfit around a WIP.

imagine when section 1

 I’m further along that this pic but still on the first wedge.

I’m on vacation this week and want to have at least one FO to show for it.  If I’m focused I could bang out any one of these.

Or I could start 3 more projects…

I’ll catch you on the purl side.

9 thoughts on “Summer is for sock yarn shawl knitting

  1. All of your shawls are so beautiful. I added the Dangling Conversation to my queue and I think I have the perfect yarn for it. My husband and I went to visit his family in Australia last year and I got some really pretty yarn while I was there. Thanks for sharing!
    ~Amanda from His and Her Hobbies

    • thanks sam! like always, when i put the post together i got motivated to get them all done.

      …and start 3 new shawls projects too 😉

  2. I am still in love with the pink shawl, but the other two are so nice also. Way to go casting on 3 different ones at the same time. I can’t wait to see your vacation progress.

  3. Ooooh your shawls are all so beautiful!! The first two are bright and beautiful and the third is beautiful but still has intense color! I can’t wait to see all of them finished and on you!!

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