an idiosyncratic belief or impression that is firmly maintained despite being contradicted by what is generally accepted as reality or rational argument, typically a symptom of mental disorder.

Idiosyncratic belief – check. Rational argument – yep. Mental disorder? Clearly the writers never met a knitter.


We’re just under 5 weeks away from Rhinebeck. 4 more weekends to knit. I’m in my second skein for Raspberry Tart (3.5 skeins to go).

I love top down knitting but this one has me questioning the fit. The deeper neckline means the armhole depth is super shallow. I’ve measured and remeasured but I’m still not sure. This is the fun part where I just have to knit some more so I can try it on to verify.

It’ll kill me if I knit all these cables for nothing.

Speaking of, I did have to fix a cabling mistake last weekend.

Before – you can see the mistake right?

Oops - before and after

So I laddered down 15 sts for 8 rows and fixed it. I briefly considered working away in blind disregard. It was on the back after all.

Oops - before and after

But that would have been true insanity. Who can walk around with a miscrossed cable on her back at Rhinebeck?

So now she’s all fixed.

Oops - before and after

I’m hoping this little transgression is a good sign. I had to do something similar for St. Brigid and I made it just in time (can you say 2 am hood knitting?).

The yarn is perfect for this sweater. Soft, saturated and superwash. And since I bought this at last year’s Rhinebeck I’d love to wear it to the Shelridge booth.

And ok, buy another sweater’s worth.

Totally logical right?  I knew I could count on you knitters.

I’ll catch you on the purl side.

13 thoughts on “delusion

    • haha i’m definitely doing that. of course, when the first floor construction is all done in two (two!) weeks i expect i’ll have a bit of a diversion.

  1. Hello you! You are so funny, oh my goodness. Yes, we knitters thrive on delusion don’t we? And yet I don’t think you are at all delusional, 3.5 skeins is totally doable :) Love the colour, I just know its going to be gorgeous! xo

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