hoping and wishing don’t knit me sweaters

You know what gets me? When people set goals and then say they hope they’ll do it.

It’s either a goal or it’s a wish. You can’t have both.

a goal without a plan is just a wish
I’m sure I got some eye rolling and scowls with that last sentence. You say “it’s just a hobby”. But here’s the thing. I like to have something to show for my time. And I think most of you do too. Right? How much fun is it to parade around town in that soon-to-be cardigan shrug? And those pullover bustiers are all the rage.

Some times, I want to walk around Rhinebeck with my new sweater. Complete, finished and awesome.

But with 2.5 weeks to go I have a lot left to do. Almost too much.

Here’s my plan…

  • this weekend – finish knitting cabled part of body
  • Thursday – finish ribbing on bottom
  • next Sunday – finish sleeves
  • Monday – wash and block

Raspberry Tart plan of attack

I realized when I put this schedule together that It’s crazy aggressive. If I don’t hit this weekend’s schedule there’s almost no chance of getting Raspberry Tart done in time.

Mega sad face :(

Hoping and wishing won’t make it so. A plan makes it a possibility.  Unless I change my mind about that pullover bustier.

Going to Rhinebeck? How’re your projects going?  A girl needs some good ol peer pressure.

I’ll catch you on the purl side.

9 thoughts on “hoping and wishing don’t knit me sweaters

  1. You can DO it. Get your family to cook. Shelter yourself in a place where you will not be disturbed and knit like the wind!!!!

    • i definitely lost focus today. i’m trying to get back on track now that i’ve eaten lunch. i’ll be so mad at myself if i can’t wear RT to Rhinebeck!

  2. I don’t know if you’ll get the sweater done on time for Rhinebeck but I love your charge. I’ve been knitting willy nilly on some projects without a plan but your challenge has motivated me to look at the WIPs I have for Andi’s challenge then set completion goals for them. Thanks for this!

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