reyka color options

After writing the review for Cirilia’s new book, I couldn’t stop looking at colors for my own Reyka.  Here are a few that I’ve worked up.

reyka-original reyka-red-white reyka-navy-pink reyka-red-gold reyka-black-magenta reyka-purple-gold

The upper left is the original.  Putting them in thumbnails was helpful because I got to absorb the whole garment and seeing them all together helped me compare the different options.  I’m leaning toward one of the reds or the purple/yellow one in the lower right (but with a  slightly stronger yellow).  What do you think?

A couple other things:

  • I plan to use Lite Lopi instead of the original Unspun Icelandic, mostly because it’s not a cheap option here in the States and I’m still a stranded neophyte.

lite lopi (l) and unspun icelandic (r)

  • I like the white T shirt under it but I think I’d like a color if I go with something other than white for the stranded bits.  It’ll also be a nod to Cirilia and her love of color.
  • The yarn will be somewhere scratchy so I’ll need to find a T shirt with a close-fitting crew neck.  I briefly considered knitting a lining for the top of the sweater but I don’t want to add more bulk up there.
  • I might want to knit a slit (my first steek!) at the top of the neck – I prefer that line on me than a tighter crew neck.  It will also naturally lay open given the hood.

What do you think?  What would be a good option for me?  Do you have another color combo in mind?

And if you didn’t leave a comment, don’t forget to enter for the giveaway for your own copy of Cirilia’s book – I’m picking the winner this weekend.

I’ll catch you on the purl side…

2 thoughts on “reyka color options

  1. I like your way of thinking – did you just alter the colors in a photo editor? I am leaning towards the purple and yellow or the red and yellow. But I am sure that whatever you choose will look great!

    • thanks! i used photoshop and altered just the colors of the sweater. i wanted to see them all next to each other to compare. right now i’m thinking red for the body color but i’m still not 100%.

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