i was a good girl

or so we’d assume based on Christmas…

christmas bag and yarnMiss Babs Shiruku in Impatiens and another of my favorite bags by Sew Bendy.  This one is inspired by the girls (Moda the Tuxedo and Orange the Tabby).  The bags are a great size and can even hold up to 2 skeins of yarn for a garment.

christmas bags needles and tubingVinyl bags from Knit Picks (love these bags – see through and durable), more ChiaoGoo sock needles and cables and try-on tubing to make it easier to knit (and try on) top down sweaters.

I’m already using the Sew Bendy bag and the tubing was put to use right away too.  It took a little getting used to so I didn’t pull off the tubing mid-row but once I got the hang of it it was so much easier than threading another needle on to try it on (or in my case, to do a little blocking to check gauge mid-project.

I really want to CO for an Inner Peace out of the Shiruku but I’ll hold off – for at least a couple more days.

I’ll catch you on the purl side…

10 thoughts on “i was a good girl

  1. Merry Christmas! That Miss Babs purple is GORGEOUS.

    I had a very merry knitting Christmas. (To say I was a good girl is always debatable.) Family gave me a WEBS gift card (already spent, thankyouverymuch!), three volumes of the Barbara G. Walker knitting pattern treasuries (I want to learn how to design my own things this year), and a lovely Madeline Tosh Merino light in a gorgeous blue.

    Happy 2015 – looking forward to it!!

    • new stuff is never a bad thing :) but tbh we make lists for each other so we’re surprised but not stunned by the thoughtful but awful…

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