shaw hill doneHey there!  And welcome.

Here’s the quick scoop on me and knitting – at least what I’ve been doing recently.

I have a love hate relationship with garment knitting, and lately that’s allowed me to really focus on accessories – socks, shawls, cowls, mittens and lace.  I’m enjoying all this small gauge knitting, although I won’t lie – I do find myself daydreaming about sweaters and cardigans too.  So don’t be surprised if you see me post about the perfect sweater that I cast on last weekend.

I’m also a reformed stasher and most days I love my stash.  Some days I wish I could be free to walk down to the LYS and buy buy buy.  And occasionally I do allow myself a little spree with a few fave handdyers.  A girl’s gotta splurge every now and then.

You can also check out my work on Ravelry and flickr.