Alternate Route

I swear a big black cloud is following me around this week. I got my Silke Tweed in the mail yesterday. The colors are gorgeous! Tweedy and rich and beautiful. But I don’t know if I like the feeling of the yarn. I expected it to feel more woolly, but in fact it feels very silky. It’s a wonderful yarn, it’s just not what I had anticipated. I’m going to live with it this weekend and ask a few friends’ opinions. I’m considering returning it and taking a trip to the evil LYS to look at their Felted Tweed. I’ll just look. I can buy it somewhere else, right?
I was up in Manhattan for work yesterday so I met a friend for dinner. After dinner I drove him home — Brooklyn. It took me 2.5 hours to get from Brooklyn back to my house! They closed a bridge! Can you believe it? An entire bridge – closed. And the signs were infinitely helpful. The said “Bridge Closed. Take Alternate Route”. No instructions on what that alternate route might be. I’m on Staten Island. I need to get off. Tell me how to get off this godforsaken floating garbage dump!
Hidden Message?
And suddenly it dawned on me. Do you also see the irony in that message? Take Alternate Route. Are the knitting gods closing bridges just to get the message thru my thick skull? And what exactly does it mean? Use the Silke Tweed? Don’t use the Silke Tweed? Burn some Koigu as a sacred offering? Uh, yeah, like *that’s* happening. Try a new project?
Oohhhh…Now we’re onto something! I think I have just the thing in mind too….

5 thoughts on “Alternate Route

  1. How funny. I love a knitting metaphor.
    Okay — enable me. Where do I find that Dale pattern/kit? I *know* I’ve seen it but I’ve checked allegro and bea ellis and I’m hitting a wall….

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