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I wrote last week that I started another project.  Truthfully, I wasn’t at all convinced that this one was going to stick.  I’m not even sure now.

All week I looked at my tiny Elfe WIP and said “eh”.  I didn’t touch it all week.

But then yesterday came and the gorgeous weather just begged for me to sit on the patio and knit.  The beautiful weather and great natural lighting were the perfect storm I needed.

I worked on Elfe a bit.

elfe start

I have a couple stripes now and I like the color combo.  The surprise though is the shading in Victorian Village – I absolutely *love* it!  Look at those gorgeous subtle variations.  I felt the same way about the yarn for Sugar Maple and it became the first garment I finished in 2?  3?  years.

elfe yarn close up

The other part that’s been fun is working on my first contiguous sleeve.  I’m at that awkward-to-photograph stage so it’s hard to tell but I’ve completed the shoulders and the setup rounds for the sleeve caps.  It’s too small to try on yet but it looks sleeve-ish so I’ll keep going.

I’m not ready to declare that this is *the* project to get me knitting but I am enjoying it.  Baby steps.

And in case you need a distraction, the Spring 2014 Twist Collective went up last night.  One of the best warm weather knitting issues I’ve seen in a long time.

I’ll catch you on the purl side…



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never you mind all those WIPs

I’ve been aimless about my knitting lately.  I think I’ve CO something new for the past 4?  6? weekends.  Things just aren’t sticking, but I’m not giving up.

elfe my colors

Today’s latest is Elfe by Astrid Schramm.  It’s a simple, top-down top made with the contiguous method.  I’m excited to try it in a simple design.

My plan is to use TML in Black Currant and Neighborhood Fiber Company Rustic Fingering in Victorian Village.  I did a little photoshopping to see what I thought of the colors.  I think they work and will work will my wardrobe too.

I plan to make in between the S (36″) and the M (40″).  Reading through the pattern it looks pretty simple to adjust.  I know – famous last words.  But it’s a new day, there’s no snow in the forecast and I get to play with 2 of my favorite yarns.

I’ll catch you on the purl side…

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Warm weather, warm thoughts

The weather finally turned this week.  The 10 day forecast has no snow and no temp going below 39°F. I even picked up a few new tops with three quarter length sleeves – something I couldn’t dream of wearing this winter.

Same goes for my knitting plans – out with the thick cables, cowl necks and layers for warmth.

I’ve been faving designs on Rav and tagging them with the seasons I might wear them in (spring, summer, fall, winter) so I don’t miss them when that season comes rolling around.   All too often I’d come across a cute tee in November and forget all about it when planning warmer weather knitting.  I still have some tags to add to my older faves but here’s a link to my Spring faves.

A couple of my favorite faves right now that I can make in stash yarn…

Hematite by Lisa Mutch in Tosh Merino Light in Onyx


Versatile (wear with skirts, dress pants or jeans), top down, lightweight in the TML

Sophie by Cheri Christian in Elsebeth Lavold Hempathy in Red


Another versatile top that would go from spring to summer.  It’s top down-ish – you start by knitting a long scarf of the openwork and then pickup to knit down from there.  Reviews of the pattern are critical of the lack of a schematic and numbers to check as you go.  Both are manageable but good to know if you’re going to make this top.

Chiton Pullover by Melissa Wehrle also in Elsebeth Lavold Hempathy in Red


I always hesitate when an unusual design element like a drapey cowl is in the design because it’s critical that it’s done right.  Looking through the FOs shows that the cowl looks cute even on real people without the help of a stylist to get the cowl to hang just so.

Clearwing by Amy Christoffers in Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool in Red


Top down, simple styling with great details that give this top a little something extra.

Luxa by Andrea Rangel in Louet Euroflax in Eggplant


A simple tee with lovely accents – icord neck edging and eyelet ribbing.  The pattern says it’s knit flat but I’d do it in the round.

Five good options that if I start now I can actually wear during this season.  Oh and if you’re curious about last week’s shawl I decided not to inflict all that stress on myself.  Work is really busy right now and I want to enjoy this wedding – not dread it because I have a deadline.  I picked up a red dress and wrap yesterday and I’m excited to wear my outfit.

Let the spring knitting begin…

I’ll catch you on the purl side.



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delusions aplenty

I’d been searching for Madtosh Prairie in Spectrum after I saw this awesome FO.  And of course, no one had any Spectrum in stock.

I finally found some at Webs last Saturday and scooped up a skein as soon as I saw it.

madtosh prairie spectrum skein

My plan was to cast on Fragile Heart on my birthday as a little gift to myself, but this weekend I realized that I might be able to finish it in time for a wedding on April 26th if I started right away.

The vivid blue with bits of green and purple are so gorgeous.

madtosh prairie spectrum yarn cake

I cast on yesterday and have the tiniest crescent knit up so far.

fragile heart mini crescent

You have options with this shawl – garter or stockinette body, number of repeats of the lace transition (including zero) and then the last border with or without beads.   My plan is to do no lace transition and lots of iridescent blue/purple beads on the edging.

I don’t yet have a dress but I’m thinking something simple, sleeveless and in black.

So to sum it up…Wedding in 4 weeks with no dress yet and the tiniest of a crescent of the shawl knitted up.   No problem, right?

I’ll catch you on the purl side.

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Goals check in: mid-March

Truth be told I’ve been all over the place with my knitting so far this year.   No surprise, right?  So I felt like it was a good time to do a check in and see where I’m at with the goals.

Here’s what I posted on January 1st, with updates if I’ve made any progress…

  • Knit more socks - I say this every year.  I love wearing handknit socks and I enjoy knitting them.  I’ve knit 2 pairs each of the past few years.  For 2014, I’m making 4 pairs my goal.  I’m almost halfway through sock #2 of my rainbow socks.  Not bad.  Not awesome either.

15 color rainbow socks one down

  • Get on track with Paul’s pair of socks per year - I was off to a great start and finished Paul’s 2012 socks in February, but then fizzled out.  The man puts up with a whole room dedicated to knitting, yarn and crafting.  He deserves a little more sock love.  I’m a bit further than this pic at this point.  Just a tad.

chicago bears pre-gusset

  • Knit more garments - I finally knit a garment this year and I even started a few more.  For 2014 I’d like to knit 2 garments.  I’m making good progress on Overlynd.  Now let’s see how long that lasts.

overlynd sleeve split back

  • Use more festival yarn - I did really well in 2012 and knit all the yarn I got at festivals.  For 2013, not so much.  I’d like to get back to knitting more of the yarn that I buy during the year.  Nada.
  • Branch out with colors for accessories - I’m never going to look good wearing orange near my face but mittens or socks?  No problem.  I bought some orange yarn for a pair of mitts – does that count?

miss babs northumbria french marigold

  • Add more non-sock weight yarn to my stash. - And then knit with it.  I have almost no heavier weight yarn and I’m reminded of this every time I come across a pattern I like for aran, worsted or DK weight. I bought the lilac yarn for Overlynd this year.
  • Actually knit with some of my self-striping yarn - It’s my kryptonite and I’m in jeopardy of becoming the self-striping hoarder.  Plus I really want to buy more.  Both sock WIPs are with self-striping.  Of course, I also bought another skein as well.  Ahem.  But let’s not focus on that.  It’s St. Patrick’s Day and the colorway is Lucky Leprechaun.  Hmm – maybe I should CO these socks tonight.  I am half Irish after all.

desert vista dyeworks lucky leprechaun

  • Make some of my UFOs into FOs - I have 16 non-hibernating UFOs.  I’m fine with a lot of WIPs and UFOs but I’d love to get a few more FOs as well.  A little more focus would be a good thing.  We all know I have no FOs for 2014 yet.  I’m half process/half product knitter.  This clearly only satisfies one half of this knitter’s sensibilities.

I’m actually glad I put this post together – everything I’ve bought and worked on this year went toward at least one of my goals – something I didn’t realize until I wrote it.  I guess I’m not as much of an unfocused slacker as I thought.

But I do still want to have at least one FO soon.  No date – just soon.

I’ll catch you on the purl side.

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all Overlynd all the time

I’m officially in that obsessed-can’t-think-of-knitting-anything-else stage.

The color, those cables…
overlynd sleeve split back


that collar…

overlynd sleeve split front


and those raglan lines

overlynd sleeve split raglan


all make for a “can’t put it down” project.

I tried it on last night and LOVE the collar.  I think I’m more excited about the collar right now than the cable.  It does need some blocking so it doesn’t curl but I kinda like it like this right now because I get to see more of the back’s cable this way.

It’s surprisingly efficient with yarn usage too – I got almost the whole yoke out of just one 215 yard skein.

I’m ready to start the body now and you know what that means – quicker progress.  Of course, I will still have to go back and do the sleeves when the body is done, but they go quickly, right?

Feel free to lie to me.

I’ll catch you on the purl side.

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