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So I finally got my Amazon order! I think I placed the order almost 2 weeks ago. Sheesh! Every time I’d check it would say shipping in the next day or so. I’m not sure why, but at least it’s here!
Knitter’s Handbook by Montse Stanley
This is a perfect example of why I love blogging. Had it not been for reading some blogs I never would have purchased this book. None of my nearby bookstores carry it so I’ve never seen the inside.
Boy am I glad I got this one! It’s is CHOCK FULL of charts, instructions, and tips. Heck, there must be over 20 cast-ons alone! One that I was very happy to see – the K2 P2 tubular cast on. I’ve been wanting to start using that cast on when I’m doing ribbing but I was having trouble tracking down a good site. The illustrations in this book are very clear. They’re mostly black and white but they use a bit of color to indicate the part they want you to pay attention to. It’s very helpful.
One thing I didn’t realize until I got the book in the mail – it’s 318 pages! Yes, 318 pages of techniques and instructions. Seriously, if you don’t have this book you really should consider purchasing it. Amazon sells it for 14 bucks. You cannot go wrong.
1000 sweaters. Why? Well, I’ve heard 2 main complaints about 1000 sweaters. First, the gauge is all 5.5 spi. And secondly, the sizing doesn’t go up very high. I could see someone using the ideas in 1000 sweaters and executing them via the gauge/size guidance of Sweater Patterns.
At least, that’s my plan.
Secret Pal Gift
I finished my Philly Knitters Secret Pal gift last night! I even washed it and blocked it. Well, it’s still drying. But this means no Saturday night frantic knitting before the Stitch n Bitch. Yay!
What’s next? I need to figure out the right needle size for my Cascade for the Phildar Hoodie. I’m hoping I can run to a LYS today because I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to start! It seems like everywhere I turn bloggers are working on this sweater. I feel like the runt duckling in the back of the pack running to catch up saying “Slow down guys, I’m coming!”
Yarn Pictures
And yes, I still have no pictures. Tomorrow? Maybe. I’m not even going to insult you with a promise at this point. *slaps hand*

7 thoughts on “Amazon Order

  1. I totally agree about Stanley’s Knitter’s Handbook. This is the first real knitting book I ever got – it was a gift from my grandmother right when I got interested in knitting. There’s sor much good information, and I haven’t even begun to put all of it to use, even though I’ve had the book for about 4 years!

  2. You do realize how *jealous* I am that you finished your project, don’t you? I fear that I’m going to have that frantic Saturday-night thing happening. And on top of it all, I’ve got to figure out how to make TASSLES! Aaaahhhhhh!!!!!!!
    Okay, off to destress and do a few more rows. Breathe, Megan, breathe…

  3. I can’t wait to see finished pics of your secret pal gift. Are you coming to the meet up on the 18th? I’ve been so busy (and I can tell from your blog that you have been too!) that I look forward to some group knitting time.

  4. I love Knitter’s Handbook, too. I bought mine at a used book store while on vacation, the first time I ever saw it. That was pretty much the end of knitting for me on that trip. I just wanted to read that book.

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