Yup, More Zipo


Keeping my commitment — sleeve inserted and placket knitted.
What’s left: knit right sleeve, insert right sleeve, knit neckband, weave in a million ends*
* Million ends courtesy of Rowan. Small yardage combined with knots in one-third of the balls used so far. Rowan, you’re giving Debbie Bliss a run for her money.

15 thoughts on “Yup, More Zipo

  1. don’t you just hate that ‘millions of ends in every ball’ marketing strategy that rowan and debbie bliss sometimes employ!
    it is looking great though and the end is nigh!

  2. GO GO GO GO, knit that sweater! It’ll be done in no time. I had to recover for a day or two before I could muster the gusto to sew ends in.

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