Afterthoughts on the Garter Stitch Heel

Someone (which blogger had this idea in the first place?) started going back and giving thoughts on projects after she’d worn them and used them for a while. It’s an awesome idea and I have several in mind.
Since I’m wearing my Jaywalkers today (summary post is here) it seemed fitting that I talk about them.
In general I still love them. The yarn (Tess Super Sock) machine washes and dries perfectly. I do turn them inside out (no different than how I wash most T shirts and washable sweaters) so the RS doesn’t get too beaten up during laundering.
The big change I made to the pattern was using a garter stitch heel. I still think the heel is great. It’s cushy and form-fitting.


As long as I’m wearing mules. When I have shoes with a back the heel stretches and poofs out of the top.
After walking around for a couple minutes things seem to settle in place and relax and the heel looks normal, so it’s definitely something I can live with. I think this problem is caused by the fact that I made this heel deeper than I usually do. This combined with the stretchiness of garter stitch makes for a growing heel.
Next time I’m going to try making the foot a couple rows shorter — probably about a half inch. I am still very happy with the shape of the deeper heel so I don’t want to make it shorter.
To sum it up — I like the heel, it just needs a little tweaking so it’s perfect.

10 thoughts on “Afterthoughts on the Garter Stitch Heel

  1. My heels always seem to do that. I have yet made a sock that fits PERFECT. I’ve come close but haven’t yet reached perfection. Guess I just have to keep on knittin’

  2. i love these posts on old projects – thanks for the sock update! i really love your garter heel and will definitely try that for my next jaywalkers, which i am planning to do toe-up.

  3. I first read about revisiting knits on Purly Whites’ blog – then I started doing it too. Very important I think.
    Thanks for the notes on the garter stitch heel. It is so good to hear that the Tess yarn holds up well. I love that stuff!

  4. That colorway is beautiful, and it’s actually a very cool photo (nice shoe!). I just started Jaywalkers and am waiting to see those zigzags start to show up.

  5. Miss Purly always amuses, no? Hehe. :-)
    We must thank her and I must revisit MY knits as well.
    I love your Jaywalkers. I have some Vesper all set aside for a pair. I was waiting until I finish some gift socks, but I don’t think I can take it anymore. You people are killing me!

  6. These sorts of posts are often the most helpful, for the poster and readers alike. A bit of reflection goes a long way! I love the colorway of these socks and will have to give Tess Super Sock a try one of these days.

  7. In retrospect it is very important to revisit items that we’ve knitted. One pair of my husband’s socks have started to look extremely worn. They are what he wears around the house, so its no big deal, but good to note. They were knit with Encore.
    Nice colors on those socks, too.

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