Rogue Yarn!

I placed my order on Friday and guess what was on the doorstep yesterday? Rogue yarn – all the way from Oregon! I got my yarn on eBay from Oregon*Trail*Yarn. Her store is here: She was very easy to work with and super fast. I’d highly recommend this seller. The quality is superb and the yarn is in pristine condition. I took a pic of it but I left the camera at home (posting from work today). But here’s a shot of it from the eBay site:


It’s a perfectly rich deep red color. It’s called Burnt Red and it’s Brown Sheep Top of the Lamb. I knitted up a swatch last night and got perfect gauge on 5.0 mm’s. So you know what I did next, right? Cast on and started my facing. I chose the twisted knit stitch for the facing – the rib seemed like it might be too bulky. Twisted knit stitches are slower though so I still have a few rows to go. Can’t wait to see the cables start to take effect – hopefully tonight!
As you can tell my mood has pretty much 180’d since yesterday. It’s amazing what a little yarn can do to a yarn ho :)

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