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Interweave Knits Summer 04 Preview
I came across this link while reading sequinK’s blog. I haven’t seen much talk about it around the blogs so I thought I’d post it too. Here are my favs:

light and airy for the summer!

big enough to hold a few knitting projects!

i’d consider 2 similar colors for a more muted look

remind you of Alison’s Rosebud? i still like hers better!

Mother’s Day Gift
I had the realization last night that Mother’s Day is less than 2 weeks away. Now luckily, Mom wants a huge pile of mulch so the real gift is all set. However, I’d like to knit her something little that she couldn’t just go out and buy. I’m considering making up a couple little sachets for her lingerie drawers. I have some white mohair that would work up nicely in a lacey pattern with some muted colored fabric behind it. Anyone see any patterns like this that they liked? I’ll probably just thumb through my pattern books in the next couple of nights for a stitch pattern I like.
Anyone else knitting something for Mother’s Day?

9 thoughts on “New Project Ideas

  1. Jody, that bag looks awesome, where can I see a bigger picture of it? I’m not knitting for mother’s day, but it is a great idea! Thanks for the mags last night, I had a really nice time knitting with all of you last night.

  2. Mother’s day, have you seen the garden gloves in the latest issue of IKnits? If your mom likes mulch, she might like gardening gloves you made.

  3. Oh, I’m excited for the new Interweave too!
    My socks are a combination of two patters. One is the pippi knee-stockings from Stitch’n Bitch, and the other is a lattice and cable pattern from a paton’s sock book. The noro is impeccable!

  4. I love getting the little IK preview – it’s so fun to see what’s coming. I too thought of Rosebud when I saw that one design. Nice to know that other designers are thinking along the same lines.
    I’m knitting a shrug for my mom for mother’s day! Only a little more than a week now. yikes!

  5. I just finished making a sachet and filling it with dried lavender. My inspiration was interweave’s web project – the lavender eye pillow by Cat Bordhi. After I finished that (with Aunt Lydia’s Denim yarn) I started my own little sachet – just picked a stitch pattern (a yo eyelet flower) and added borders, grafted one end, filled it, and grafted the other end. A seamless sachet.

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