Same Time Next Month?

Knitting Meetup
The knitting meetup was fun! All six of the women who RSVPd showed up. It was a nice size group for getting to know each other. Most people were experienced knitters – only one was a newbie. I enjoy meeting knitters who have been doing it for a while. One woman was working on the Einstein coat from The Knit Stitch. Evelyn – I know you’ve been wanting to make this. I really like it! I think it would suit you. I didn’t realize how very little finishing there is on that coat. Most of it is made by picking up stitches so the only finishing is at the shoulders! Another woman was working on the beginnings of a Kaffe Fassett cardi. Melissa was working on a lacy cardi of her own design, and Kim brought her Berroco suede wrap. Very pretty colors for her! We’re planning to do it again next month but we might try a new venue. this one was a bit loud and VERY cold.
I was able to run out to Knit A Bit during my lunch hour. What a cute little shop! It’s on the second floor of one of the main streets in downtown Westfield. They carry quite a few nice brands – Mission Falls, Brown Sheep, Berocco, Noro, Katia, and GGH among many others. She had a good needle selection of Addi, Clover, and Susan Bates. The pattern and book variety was good too, including the latest Rebecca and some Rowan. The co-owner was there and she knew her knitting (which I really appreciate). She wasn’t pushy and her advice was helpful. I will definitely go back, although not as often as I’d like, it’s a 25 minute drive from work! If she had a knit-in night I would probably go. But still, it was a great way to break up the day.
Finally, a Smooch picture

This is the back. I’m done with the body and am ready to begin the armhole decreases. Since I’ve changed gauge I need to work out how I’m going to tackle those decreases. I’ve also decided to try adding in some short row bust shaping to the front to avoid that potential armhole gap.

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  1. I’m glad you had fun at the knitting meet-up :) What was the person making the Einstein coat out of?

  2. BTW – I was really glad you mentioned Meetup in your blog yesterday cause I’d otherwise have completely forgotton that it was last night! 😉

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