A Few Days Off

I can’t believe how many people responded to my little cable needle survey. 18 comments – I think that’s a new record here!
I learned a few interesting things:

  • Knitters are ingenious – Vicki has used a nail and Kathleen has used a Q-tip!
  • Michele mentioned that a friend uses a big plastic yarn needle tied to the cast on tail so she never loses or forgets her cable needle!
  • Many people like the grooved or plain dpn as their favorite cn. I haven’t tried either but I’m tempted to add one to my order next time I get something from Patternworks

No Progress!
I have no progress to report. I (finally) spent the whole weekend working on the garden and yard. Things are looking pretty good but my hands are quite sore from all the work (not to mention all the little cuts – damn that holly tree!). I have a very busy week at work so I may post sporadically. I do update blogrolling though, so if you link to me that way you’ll know when I updated.
Gerbera Yarn
I bought my Gerbera yarn. I hope to fit in a swatch sometime this week to make sure I like the color combo.
New Knitty
I love it! My favorite designs are:

Oh, for those of you considering Clapotis. I’ve heard lots of talk about how expensive the yarn is. I’m considering making it with Cloud 9 from eBay. It will be less than $30 for the whole thing, with about 400 yards left over! While I’ve never ordered the Cloud 9 I have ordered her sock yarn and the quality is great and the service is fast.

5 thoughts on “A Few Days Off

  1. So I’m a bit late on the cable poll, but I have to throw in my two cents. I love the J needle, never could get the hang of cabling with out a needle. And I’ve used a bent paper clip (into a J, of course!) in a pinch.

  2. I think yarn for Cleopatis is going to be my goal for stitches east.
    Thanks for the ebay link. That’ll be my source if I don’t find something good at Stitches.

  3. would you ever be availible via AIM or Yahoo messanger? I have a few simple newbie questions about fair isle that i am trying to get answered..

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