Has It Been THAT Long?

Wow, I haven’t posted for a week! I really needed the time though. Between the poison ivy and the crazy schedule I didn’t get much knitting time in last week.
I did, however, join the Klaralund Along. Like a bad blogger I don’t have a pic though. Tomorrow – promise!
I had a wonderful weekend with Christy, Stella, Evelyn, Danielle, and Heather. They all came over on Saturday for a day of chatting, eating, and knitting. It was so nice to just chill and catch up. In fact, I hardly knitted. I just enjoyed sitting there catching up with everyone.
Yesterday I had the day off and Stella and I went to a few yarn stores. I picked up some Interlacements worsted weight (I think it’s called Oregon?). I’m not sure what it’s going to be yet. And I also bought Meg Swanson’s A Gathering of Lace. I’ve really wanted this book for a long time and I’ve been thinking I needed a long term lace project as well. I’m still deciding what I’ll make. Any suggestions? I think I’d like a triangular shawl, although my favorite one is a spiral. I like to tie them around my waist at an angle so I’d have to fold the spiral one in half. Seems like I’d be hiding the knitting that way. What do you all think?
I’m officially back on the diet. Seems like the signs were strong last week that I should get back on it. I heard a statistic that 95% of the people who lose weight gain it ALL back again. And that dieters who lose/gain/lose screw up their metabolism and end up making it harder to lose. I surely don’t want to be either of those people! So as of yesterday I’m back on again. I gained back 10 pounds of the 20 I lost and I plan to undo that plus lose another 10. I’m telling you all so you can kick me in the butt when I stray. I figure the more public I am about this the harder (and more embarassing) it will be for me to fail. So you’re all officially on notice that you’re allowed to give me a little tough love if my actions warrant it. And, an occasional “wow you really HAVE lost weight” would be OK too (but only if it’s true).
I’ll post tomorrow with progress pics…honest!

8 thoughts on “Has It Been THAT Long?

  1. I missed you also : ) Ugh! weight issues. I have not gained but I can not seem to lose any more either. I am soo frustrated. How did you get Poison Ivy? I feel for yea, I’ve had to go on steroids before to get rid of it.

  2. Glad you’re back! I have to give up sugar to keep my weight in check. Only Saturdays do I endulge in a treat. Good luck. Looking forward to seeing your knitting!

  3. i hear you on the weight. i lost 40, but that’s it. i’m “stuck” (though, just keeping it off is something!!!). for what it’s worth, you’re still sweet and sassy. you’ll always be JoJo with the YoYo to me.

  4. *waves* Hi, I followed the link from YarnEnvy. I love Gathering of Lace. There is such a wide variety of projects in there, anyone is bound to find something they like. Anyway, I started the Frost Flowers & Leaves shawl a little over ago. You can check out my journal if you want to see in progress photos.
    Good luck with your decision!

  5. You go girl! It is so easy to stray off the diet because one did so well and before you know it, all those good eating habits die a quick death. I am slowly learning that I will never, ever be able to eat the way I used to if I want to get thinner and stay there. Sigh. Another thing I can chalk up to, “Wasn’t it great to be a kid.”

  6. Teri started her shawl “a little over A YEAR ago”. I noticed her error of omission – perhaps it’s just too hard for her to face? – and thought I’d just correct it myself instead of reminding her of what we call “the S-word” because we’re not allowed to mention it.

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