5 days til we kick off the Gerbera Along. I haven’t been able to settle on a color combo.
Yesterday, it finally hit me why I was so indecisive. The 2 color area on Gerbera — it will go right across my bust. It will not be flattering for me.
I still love the design though, and Dale Sisik yarn is wonderful to knit! So I broke out my Photoshop and played around with the design a bit.

gerberaSmall gerberaRaisedSmall
original busty

I like the raised one much better for me! What do you think?
What Color?


Sisik doesn’t come in alot of colors. There are 3 combos I’m considering right now:

  • black with red
  • blue with red
  • blue with oatmeal

I’d love for the blue with red to work out, but I’m a bit concerned it will look a bit strange. What do you think? Which combo do you like best and why?

17 thoughts on “T-5

  1. Of those three, I like the black with red. I think the blue and red are too close to the same value to work together. The blue might be okay with the burgundy, though…
    Also–where did that pattern come from? It’s very nice!

  2. I love that pattern. What a perfect wintertime sweater. I think the blue with red will be lucious. I’m anxious to see it in progress!

  3. I’m going to second blue with oatmeal. It just sounds like it would get the most mileage of the three color options.
    Grey with red would also be nice, if you love red.

  4. I’m voting for blue with oatmeal. Second choice is black with red.
    I think the blue/oatmeal is the most classic and will get the most milage.
    I’m anxious to hear your impressions of the yarn. When I tried working with it last Spring, I didn’t love it. Still planning on making Santos this fall though so we’ll see.

  5. I agree blue with oatmeal would probably show up the best. I’m always a fan of black with an accent color, so I’d be tempted to choose black and red.
    I think moving the design area higher will look better!

  6. you are a photoshop genius! It looks fantastic with your changes! I’m a burgundy/grey kind kind of gal, but the oatmeal/blue would be awesome, too! Love it.

  7. Blue with oatmeal. Because black and red sounds scary (for me, it conjures up thoughts of vampires) and blue and red sounds, well, not attractive.

  8. Personally, I would go for black with red. I love that colour combo. Love what you did with changing the design around a bit.

  9. I’m also knitting Gerbera, great idea to move the design up, however I’m hoping for the opposite… maybe it will excentuate my bust! I’d go blue and oatmeal… great choice! I’m knitting it in the colors in the above sweater, mostly cause I love grey!! I can’t wait to start this, it will be my first fair isle sweater… I’m so nervous!!

  10. That *is* a good idea about moving up the pattern on the bust…if you write it down, I’ll link to any of your alteration notes when I kick off Gerbera next week.
    I think I might actually move it up about halfway between the original and your move, simply to have it match up horizontally with the sleeves. Guess I’ll make the sleeves first!
    For colors…I’ll leave that up to you…but remember that there’s always the decision of which color goes on top and which on the bottom! Aren’t I *so* helpful, LOL?

  11. Believe it or not, the red and green are an amazing combination. If you’re feeling adventurious, try swatching them out.
    I have a cardi in Sisik and it’s one of my favorite sweaters. Very nice yarn. this is one of the yarns I use to illustrate that acrylic *can* be nice if used properly.

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