2 balls/515 yards/4 FOs

I’m experiencing lots of blog envy lately:

  • Cromarty envy – Hardly unique to me, but still worth mentioning. Didn’t Rachael do an amazing job? I just can’t imagine shipping it away for a few months though!
  • Hoodie envy – Yup, I’ve got one on the needles too. But Jackie’s is done and it’s gorgeous! Just in time for autumn. Absolutely lovely.
  • Sock and pattern book envy – What a gorgeous sock! Appropriately done in green hand dyed, from Nancy Bush’s Knitting on the Road. I am dying to start a more complicated sock! I have two on the needles but they’re both just ribbing and stockingnette.
  • Yarn and pattern book envy – Kim’s working with two beautiful yarns right now – a mohair that I can’t wait to see tonight, and classic elite premiere for the ruffles scarf. Oh yeah, she too blogged about Knitting on the Road this week. I may have to give in a buy it tonight at Borders.

Let’s Make a Deal
So I made a deal with myself. Finish up one more small project and then I can cast on for the sock of my choice (with yarn from the stash, of course). The small project is this


It’s a neckwarmer, inspired by the Brioche neck warmer from Weekend Knitting. I needed a stitch that looks decent on both sides so I finally decided on K3 P1 K2 P2 ribbing. It looks OK on both sides and has lots of stretch. Comfortably stretched out it measures 22 inches (looks tiny in the pic, right?). I can knock it out tonight or tomorrow at the latest. And then it’s on to some fun sock knitting!

5 thoughts on “Green

  1. You’ve been finishing lots of small projects! That to me deserves some sock knitting. Here’s what I do. I save the small things for travel knitting – subway, or knitting in public with friends, etc. and then the larger more complicated projects get done at home on the sofa in front of the TV.
    Thanks for the hoodie compliment!

  2. Jody – I just bought Knitting on The Road from Overstock for $12.00 including shipping, but I think you’ve got the NEED and Borders will win your sale : )
    Fun to see your pretty face in your recent post.

  3. the more i keep looking at knitting on the road the more i’m glad i bought it (i know that doesn’t help you not need to buy it!) see you tonight!!

  4. That is one reason we knit so much…envy. Blogging has made me knit more, faster and things I wouldn’t have normally. It’s a great land…this blogland!

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