Almost There

2 balls/588 yards/4 FOs

I’m this close to finishing the neck warmer. I think I need another 1-1.5 inches to make it long enough to cover my neck down to where a zip up pullover would end.
Originally I thought the right side would be the side of the ribbing that had more knit stitches, but last night the girls all thought the other side looked better because the knit stitches popped out. I tried to get a picture of it but it’s hard because I didn’t have a helper and you really need to stretch it to see the stitches pop.

So, hopefully we’ll have a finished neck warmer to show you all tomorrow!
Knitting on the Road
Yup, I did it. I went and bought the book last night. Was there any doubt?
Now my biggest quandry is going to be which pattern to try first. There are so many lovely ones in this book!
If Politics Could Only Imitate Baseball
The Massachusetts underdogs swept the World Series last night, handing St. Louis the defeat on their home turf in Bus(c)h Stadium. We can only hope next Tuesday will be as fortuitous.
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just for stella – a blog button so the link to my blog doesn’t mess up her pretty sidebar of buttons 😉

6 thoughts on “Almost There

  1. the more i keep thinking about that yarn, the more i love it… which color is it? (i’ve already been looking at them on line!)

  2. I’m commenting from work. Oh, the wonder of wonders!
    We’ll see how long this lasts.
    Anyway, I’m thinking about getting Knitting on the Road. I keep seeing it popping up all over the blogs.

  3. Love the button. I miss them on my side bar so might have to go back to that look.
    You’ll love KOR…I’ve made many of the socks and they are ALL great!

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