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2 balls/770 yards/5 FOs

I worked on a bunch of different projects this weekend.
First up, the Friday Harbor sock:

This is Spirit Trail DK/Sport/Light Aran sock yarn. I had to adjust the pattern because it was written for a much finer gauged yarn. And after a few days of staring at it I don’t like it. I like the yarn. I like the color (although I never would have bought it if I saw it in person!). I like the pattern. But I don’t like the yarn with the pattern. I think this yarn needs to be a more basic ribbed boot sock. So to the frog pond it goes.
Next up is a quick and easy Manos Scarf:

It’s just a diagonal, randomly striped scarf. I’m knitting it on 13s and it’s making a nice drapey fabric that I think will still be very warm. And I expect the Manos to bloom when it gets a dunk too.
Am I crazy for creating all those ends? Probably, but I really wanted a striped scarf and I didn’t like any of the self striping options out there. I do however feel the need to point out that I’m weaving as I’m going. I have about half the ends already woven in. *happy dance*
And lastly, a hat for Paul:

I’m using Marnie’s Pismo hat pattern and DB Cashmerino Baby (which is knitting up SO SO soft!). I used a tubular cast on for this one (I feel so grown up now!). I’ve been avoiding the tubular cast on because I thought all methods required the use of a provisional cast on and knitting and picking up stitches 3 rows down and all sorts of nonsense. I mean, who wants to plan to frog their knitting right from the start?
I found a version of the cast on in Montse Stanley’s book that is similar to the long tail. You tie a slip knot and leave a tail about 4 times the length you need. Then you do this thing where for the first stitch you loop the tail end of yarn around the needle. Then, the next stitch you loop the yarn connected to the ball around the needle. It’s really simple but I can’t seem to find an illustration on the web. If you have Stanley’s book definitely check it out. It feels really strange at first but once you get a rhythm going it’s pretty easy. And it makes a beautiful and professional looking edge.

3 thoughts on “ADD Knitting

  1. Well, it’s all looking really good. I’m curious about the tubular cast on that you used. The one I used was a bit of a pain and was really intended for pieces worded flat. I will have to look for Stanley’s book. Regardless, tubular cast ons look so great for 1×1 ribbing. Yay!

  2. that manos scarf is definately going to be warm! i love the diagonals. i have not tried yet any zig zag or diagonal patterns, but am dying to!

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