Deja Vu All Over Again


Looks pretty similar to yesterday, right?
When I got home last night I faced the music and ripped what I had done. I didn’t like the increase I chose — kf&b. It works fine for a plain raglan, but I didn’t like the look framing the cables. Plus, the increases weren’t symetrical.
So I restarted, this time using a lifted increase. Much better!
Here’s a closeup of the cable:

The observant among you may notice I’m knitting with an Inox circular. This little fact says a lot because I HATE INOX. They just don’t let the yarn move like other needles. But to get the exact gauge I wanted I needed a US 9, and the only one I have is the Inox. I’ll be making a pit stop at Rosie’s or the Tangled Web on Friday to trade up, but for now I’ll deal because I’m really into knitting this sweater now!
Stash Sale
Based on yesterday’s comments, I’ll post my stash here before going to eBay. Just so you guys have an idea of what I’m planning to put up:

  • Manos in a solid Navy Blue and a variegated Navy/Orange
  • 3 cones of Donegal Tweed in Teak, Dark Grey, and Dark Blue (I think those are the colors)
  • Dale Baby Ull in a variety of colors to make the ladybug sweater
  • A variety of superwash sportweight wool
  • 4 balls of Kureyon color 92
  • 7 balls of Silk Garden in the popular reds variety
  • A few hanks of Araucania in Navy Blue
  • A few handdyed hanks of sock weight merino and boucle
  • Some Gusto — mostly off white, but with a few balls of navy as well
  • 4 or 5 balls of DB Cashmerino Aran in a tan color
  • A whole lot (12? 15?) of Lamb’s Pride Bulky in a Sable (a brown heather)
  • 15 or so balls of Plymouth Baby Alpaca in off white
  • Rowan felted tweed in Gray and Navy
  • Rowan linen drape in dark red

I know there’s more but that gives you an idea. I’ll try to take pics of everything in natural sunlight over the Thanksgiving weekend.
Speaking of, this will be my last post of the week. I’ll be working from home tomorrow trying to get 5 days’ worth of work done in three!
Have a wonderful holiday, everyone. See ya Monday!

6 thoughts on “Deja Vu All Over Again

  1. Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy your meal and your cashmere knitting.
    (PS – I’d definitely be interested in some of that yummy sounding stash. Got any price ideas yet?)

  2. Oh no…letting go of the Linen Drape! Actually, since I finished the purple LD top, I really haven’t been into using my red LD, LOL…maybe next summer…doubled up! 😉

  3. i don’t like Inox, either. They have a gritty, non-smooth feel when knitting. I’m absolutely in love with the Addi Turbos i borrowed from Stella, though.
    what time you plan on hitting up the TW on Friday? i’ll be in the Hill getting my hair cut and then i figured i’d mosey on down to the TW and do some browsing–maybe we can meet up?

  4. I *love* that idea of what you’re doing with the cashmere from SP…. I may have to copy you at some point with my green cone!
    Happy turkey-day…

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