Out With The Old…

I’m retiring a few projects:

  • Smooch – Summer knitting just isn’t doing anything for me. Even though I’m 75% done I’m putting it away until next year.
  • Lost Points Shawl – Let this be my lesson. I *hate* knitting with novelty yarn. Particularly that ladder stuff.
  • Tricot – This is more of a trade in than a retirement. I’ve tried a few sets of Lion Brand colors and just don’t care for them. I still want to make this pattern though so I’ll be on the lookout for colors that are more me

regiaCableSockAnd now, for the new. I picked up Regia 32 a month or two ago. It’s chock full of knee high socks. A couple nights ago I decided to do #4332. It’s covered with cables, travelling stitches, and twisted knit stitches. A funny thing though about these Regia booklets. They give each pattern in one size. Usually it’s not a big deal to change up a size in a sock, but when it’s covered in stitch patterns it’s not a simple thing. Of course, the sock I’ve picked out is in a man’s super-huge size. I estimated what I’d need to cast-on instead but I was off. After about 10 rows I can tell I’ve made it too tight. Rip and restart it is! Too bad, I even did the picot edge and knitted in the hem and everything. It’s the fancy schmancy edge is that’s causing the problem though. Without any ribbing it makes it difficult to stretch across my calf to get it to the knee. Difficult? No – impossible. So unless I want to make the first pair of zip-up knee high socks I’ll be having a small frogging party this evening.
Dumb Knitter. Dumb dumb knitter.

7 thoughts on “Out With The Old…

  1. I so admire you sock knitters. I know it’s only a matter of time until I join you, but for now it remains somewhere off in the misty future.

  2. Where does one find Regia booklets? I can’t recall seeing them around, and I find the idea of lots of knee high sock patterns terribly exciting.

  3. You are by no means a dumb knitter – Adventurous (sp) is more like it! I am excited because I am taking a sock class next thursday. Can’t wait until I learn how to turn a heal!

  4. dude, you’re so not dumb!
    Your knitter’s math makes my head spin. I’m always in awe of how much you know to change a pattern and make it work for you.

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