No, Not THAT Martha

Anoyone who’s been reading this blog lately must realize that:

  1. I’ve been really busy
  2. I’ve been desperately searching for knitting inspiration

While I still haven’t cured my lack of free time, I may have found inspiration.

Martha from Rowan 37

I started a sleeve last night. The yarn, you ask?
It’s Aunt Lydia’s Fashion Crochet Thread. Nothin but the best for my Martha!
Honestly though, it’s really nice! Take a look at its stitch definition. It’s mercerized, slips wonderfully on the Addi’s, and got perfect gauge! I bought it in a desperate attempt to find something summer-weight in the pink I liked. I tried buying the 4ply used in the sample but the pink is nowhere to be found (at least, without waiting for mailorder, and when you gotta start a project you gotta start a project, ya know?)
So I sat down last night at 9:45, cast on, and got through a full repeat on a sleeve. It started out with a few rows of garter so I used the knitted on cast on. It’s my favorite cast on for garter stitch. If you look at the closeup you’ll see it makes that pretty scalloped edge.
Finally, something I can’t wait to get home to knit!

10 thoughts on “No, Not THAT Martha

  1. Hey, I’m starting that same sweater as soon as my Vogue tennis sweater is done. I steared away (and may regret) from the cotton though and got a merino/acrylic blend. We’ll see how it works and I can’t wait to see yours progress

  2. Looks great Jody. Interestingly, I have been eyeing some of that crochet cotton in Granny’s shop and in my mother’s stash. It does have a nice look to it. And yours really looks terrific.

  3. martha looks pretty! that’s one of many in that book that i want to eventually make. kathy and i miss you at knitting nights!!!

  4. The problem with black yarn is that it doesn’t always show up cables very well. However in some cases it does look really nice. Questions you need to answer. How close do you want someone standing next to you to realize you have knit a beautiful sweater? If you want them to see it a mile away then yes switch colors, if you want sublty then do it in black. Most of the dark yarns I have I don’t use for cables I like using them for background in color work. But, that’s just my preference.

  5. I’m knitting Martha, too, and like you I can’t wait to get home to knit it – I’ve been neglecting so many things so that I can knit Martha!

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