Interweave Fall Preview is Up

I saw this on Jessica’s blog. Here’s the preview.
And here’s my take on it:
Nancy Bush’s socks done in Mountain Colors Bearfoot are sure to be big on the blogs (including mine!)
The Weekend Getaway Satchel is really cool looking. But 32 skeins of Lopi Lite?!? I don’t think I can shell out that kind of cash on a bag.
The Greek Pullover is a classic shape that’s quite pretty, but I can’t help but think we’ve seen this style before (Juliet Pullover in Summer 04).
Kate Gilbert’s first Interweave design! The bell sleeves with that 2-color detail look really cool. And get this — she made the cover! What a way to debut.
The Web Project Fair Isle Gloves are pretty too. I have quite a few colors in my stash that would work for this project, although I think I’d like to try to make them out of more shades of the same color rather than greens, blues and pinks.
And then Ann Budd has a subscriber only sock pattern for a cashmere blend. Seems intriguing but it’s another one I can’t see well in the pics.
I’m a bit surprised that the staff project was a poncho. I know they have a long lead time, but haven’t we had enough of the poncho?
I’m also a bit disappointed that Kathy Zimmerman didn’t make it into this issue. I always look forward to seeing what she cooked up and fall and winter are perfect for her cabley projects.
All in all not as exciting of an issue as I had hoped for (this is Fall afterall). But, like most issues I tend to find something or other when it shows up in my mailbox and I see the projects up close and personal.
What do you all think?
added later
They’re also releasing a special issue magazine called Knitscape. It looks like they’re going for a younger crowd with quick-to-knit projects. We could get some cool modern patterns out of it.
And here’s the Fall 2005 Book Preview. No surprises here, but it did remind me that I’m really interested in seeing what kind of lace projects come out of Wrap Style.

13 thoughts on “Interweave Fall Preview is Up

  1. Fall, usually so good. Knitscape looks bizarre. I was surprised about the poncho project too. But at least they’re only a little late with that trend. The knit neckties project was a few decades late.

  2. It’s kind of hard to tell from the tiny pictures, but my initial reaction was pretty much in line with yours. I’d like to see the Debbie Bliss jacket up close. I really like fitted jackets like that for work…plus, I love tweeds :) Ponchos? Ugh.

    i found it online for only $3 per sk, making this huge bag less than $100… not too bad…
    love the bust shaping tutorials…

  4. I am NUTS about that Weekend Getaway Satchel!!!
    But there’s not way in H-E-double hockey sticks I’m going to do the intarsia.
    Now I’m trying to figure out how to do it for less. And also what yardage would be needed for a plain bag.
    A bulky yarn would work at the correct gauge.

  5. I am making the Weekend Satchel and I only paid $55.00 for the yarn – using Wool of the Andes from Knitwits. I hope it comes in the mail today – can’t wait to get started.

  6. And I even ordered a few extra skeins in colors i liked. $1.79 a skein, I think, with free shipping over $30.00

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