Stripey Goodness

I gotta say I’m in love with knitting this Maude tank. The mindless part of straight stockingnette just isn’t happening because of all the color changing. I can definitely see how Fair Isle keeps knitters interested. I can’t wait to see how the tank changes its look with the addition of each new color.
I’m also finding myself trying to understand how Mags Kandis chose the color sequence that she did. At times she went for two very different colors – like Jade green and Chili red. And in other parts of the sequence she put two very similar colors together – like the Peony pink and Chili red. It all seems to work marvelously and I keep thinking I never would have done such a nice job if I did it myself. And still I find my mind wandering – thinking about how I might layer the colors if I tried to do it myself. Would I have chosen a theme? Maybe rich autumnal colors, or beachy blues and greens, or perky citrus shades, or possibly some serene neutrals.
Maybe so, but for now I’m quite content knitting it Mags’ way:

the side shaping is starting to show

Tank Talk
Since I have a few tanks planned for the summer (who doesn’t?) I decided to join Nathania’s tank along. C’mon and join us. You can knit any tank you like. It’s fun to see the variety that’s happening on this one.
Don’t have yarn for a tank? Then go visit Carissa who’s holding her first contest. She’d like to get together a comprehensive list of tanks, and is offering up some GORGEOUS batik ribbon to the winner. So send her links to all the tanks you know of. I’ll be putting together my list this weekend.

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