I’ve knit one full ball of yarn and I’m 6 rows away from completing the raglan.


I like the inch of 1×1 ribbing, and the tubular cast on. I also like how the sleeves are proportionally smaller on this version (which is good since that was the whole point of changing those increases).
But guess what? I’m frogging this one too.
The increases are just not working for me. I knew early on they were going to be a challenge. They’re not evenly increasing so the pretty double increases I used when starting this project aren’t going to cut it. I’ve tried out a bunch of different ones but they’re not working.
In the shower this morning (we all do our best thinking in the shower, right?) I had a Eureka moment. I have another idea for how to handle them. I should probably knit a swatch first, but well, we all know that’s 50-50. What’s a pattern without a little misery, right?
The silver lining with this is that I did get to work on other projects yesterday since I hadn’t solved my increase problem yet.
Tune in tomorrow for the details on how I spent my Sunday.

7 thoughts on “Three

  1. Wow, such dedication to this project. Or is it avoidance of the others? 😉 I met up with Nancy/Bronx Girl in the city today and wouldn’t you know, we met right around the corner from that great Thai place we went to. She wanted Japanese though. Good luck sorting out your pattern. You can do it.

  2. Looking gorgeous, I love the color! I’m very curious to see how you handle your raglan increases. The pretties are every other row, of course, but sometimes that just won’t do. (In my versions of the Tivoli, I didn’t fuss over it as you’re doing, I just spread them out the best I could… not as pretty, but… that’s why I’m curious how you’ll do it!)

  3. What dedication! I love reading your ongoing project notes, the how and why of it all. Fascinating. And of course, I’ll want to make one when you’ve got it all figured out. :)

  4. What is it about the shower that makes those “aha moments” happen? Love the sleeves! I love how you write out the thought process – it is great to see how you are working through the project.

  5. Some of my most profound thinking is done in the shower (maybe that’s because it’s the only quiet place in my house!) It’s fun watching this project evolve.

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