Do I Have To Give This One Away?


I love love love this little sock! The pattern is the perfect blend of “not-just-boring-ribbing” yet “easy-enough-to-memorize” to keep it interesting.
The Lorna’s Laces is such a pleasure to knit up. I wish their multi-colored hanks didn’t pool like they do. My brain just can’t handle all that uncontrollable color!
As for the length, I decided to keep it at the length suggested in the pattern. If I made them any longer they would have hit part of my calf where they’d need to be increased. I know I’m short but I don’t know my sock pal’s height so I figured better be safe than sorry.
The mods I made are simple:

  • Toe-up with a figure 8 cast on. I increased every row until I hit 85% of the total stitches, and then switched to every other row.
  • Classic wrap short row heel. Yes, you read that correctly. I didn’t do the no-wrap heel. The problem I have with picking up the wraps is finding them in darker colors, which clearly isn’t a problem in lavender colored socks. And I have to admit that I think the wraps are just a tad tighter than the other methods.
  • I did the wavy top and all I needed to do was turn the chart upside down and follow it that way. I bound off with EZ’s sewn cast off. Not only is it stretchy but it’s the cleanest way I know to join the last row and make it look smooth. If you’re scared of the sewn cast off — don’t be. It’s as easy as p2tog, k1. Seriously. Give it a try.

I still have to wash the sock but I’m going to hold off until I finish the second one. I don’t want to try and match up unwashed measurements against washed measurements.
As for the stitch pattern, I don’t think this is the end of this pattern for me. I’m considering making a scarf out of it. The back side — while completely different — is also pretty, so it would work well for a reversible scarf. And once it’s blocked out I think it looks a bit like flowing water. I’m considering using the blue silk I bought at MDSW even though I’ve already started this scarf with it.
The blue color always said water to me, but I searched and searched my stitch pattern books and couldn’t find the right one for it. I wanted something to go longways but I didn’t want to knit it longways. This waving lace pattern may be the way to go after all.

11 thoughts on “Do I Have To Give This One Away?

  1. That is Gorgeous!!! I just started my first sock using the figure eight cast-on, but was only increasing every other row…luckily mom has a narrow foot, but for my Barney Rubble feet, I think I’d go to the every row increase.
    What a beautiful lace pattern, really lovely.

  2. I’m completely copying you for my Sock Pal! I’m using light blue Opal solid though – I bet yours is softer. :)

  3. My exact sentiments on the LL variegated! Can’t handle the pooling. I love your sock and am going to be a copy cat and do it your way.

  4. The color in that picture looks so different than the previous picture–but just as pretty. I love the look of it! No wonder you love it so–you did a great job on it! :)

  5. I understand your attachment. It really is a very cute sock!
    The sewn cast-off is pretty but it’s too time consuming. It took me a while to get it and I still don’t think I like it much.

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