7 thoughts on “Now That I Have A Plan…

  1. All I have ever seen is white and black elastic thread. Would either of those work for you?
    Any Hancock’s or Joann’s would have that. Good luck!

  2. Clear elastic should be easily found at either your local fabric chain (JoAnn’s, Hancock Fabrics, etc.), the evil insidious WalMart, and failing all that, I’m sure it’s locateable online through dressmaker shops — Newark Dressmaker Supply, etc.
    Good luck! I think I may have to do the Very Tall Socks from Knitty in Kureyon or Silk Garden, so as to avoid color changes but still get fun stripes. :)

  3. sorry for leaving so many comments in one day… but i just remembered… i was at pins and needles in princeton yesterday and they had a ton of elastic thread in all colors imaginable and even some that was glittery (though that wouldn’t help you), so you could call them or stop by there

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