I’m Getting There!


I’m done with the increases and I have 3 or 4 inches left on the knee high. The self-patterning did get narrower but I still think it looks OK.
Now I’m trying to decide how to finish off the top. The options I’m considering are:

  • Keep knitting straight and do 1.5 inches of ribbing to finish it off
  • Decrease some stitches the last couple of inches and then switch to ribbing, with the hope that the decreasing will help keep the socks up
  • Knit in some elastic for the last few inches. Do they make clear elastic?

All you knee high experts out there — what do you think?

7 thoughts on “I’m Getting There!

  1. Definitely don’t decrease at the top. It will do the opposite and will make them slide down to a place where they are more comfortable. I think some good ribbing will work well. Maybe K1tbl, P1. I love the way it looks and it’s a tighter rib.

  2. They do make clear elastic. One thing you can do is work ribbing (maybe 1×1) for the last inch or so, then thread in the elastic afterwards using a crochet method on the WS. This way the elastic doesn’t affect the gauge. There’s a good demo of this in Katherine Buss’ Big Book of Knitting.

  3. i love the socks! i think the stripes look great!! my pipis have the elastic thread (if you need red, i’ve got a ton!) and they still slide a bit, not all the way down, but after wearing them for several hours i find myself tugging them back up to full height

  4. Wow those are so tall! I’m impressed. I get bored and stop my socks before I should so I’d never make it to a knee-high. 😉 Oh, and I have short legs, thank goodness.

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