Happy New Year — 2006 edition

There’s something so refreshing — invigorating — about the feeling of a clean slate at the start of a new year. I just can’t resist making a few goals.

  1. Finish knitting gift projects
  2. Use more stash yarn — especially for socks. I believe I have yarn for at least 20 pairs of socks.
  3. Limit the stash enhancement so I can splurge on my birthday and MDSW.
  4. Knit more socks. I love knitting socks. I love wearing handknit socks. I have lots of sock yarn. This one seems like a given.
  5. Knit more for me. I have an easier time finishing things for other people than for myself. I don’t want to stop knitting for others, but I want a few nice FOs for myself too!
  6. Do some more designing. I have a sketch book chock full of ideas. I need to make some of them a reality.
  7. Improve my stranded knitting.
  8. Take better project notes. While I’ve surely honed my knitting reverse-engineering skills, enough is enough! I’ve bought a notebook just for this purpose. Let’s see how long it lasts!
  9. Learn some more knitting history. I’ve really enjoyed reading about Estonian knitting and the history of ganseys and arans.
  10. Go to Rhinebeck, damnit

That’s it — not bad, really. This list is definitely more attainable than last year’s list.
Whether you’re the goal-setting type or not, I wish you all a year filled with well-fitting sweaters, toasty warm socks, soft cushy scarves, light as air lace and a wonderful group of friends and family to share them all with. Peace, Love, Happiness, and lots of FOs to you all!

8 thoughts on “Happy New Year — 2006 edition

  1. i think you probably have a lot of amazing ideas in your sketchbook- i for one would love to see you make them! happy new year!

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