Eye Candy Friday: Boots — The Full Scoop

three boots and a speed-cat

The boots from a few weeks ago, plus a few new pairs.
I buy mostly Mudd boots for casual wear because they have that side zipper — even on the lace-up ones. Driving — particluarly a stick shift — is so much easier if I can quickly unzip my boots. You can get Mudd in a lot of places, but I have the best luck (sizing, variety, and great prices) at Kohl’s (link takes you to the Juniors boots section).
The pair on the left is the one I wrote about a few weeks ago. I wear these boots all the time. I also bought 2 new pairs. On the right, the Etain boot, and the tall one in the middle is Nebula. The new boots are nice — a little less bulky in the toe, an eyelet on the tongue to thread the laces through, a slightly snugger fit (probably because they’re not 2 years old), and even a bit more lightweight.
If you have a Kohl’s by you give them a try before ordering online. The Mudd sizing is pretty consistent though, so if you find your size in one style but not another, you’ll be OK ordering the same size online. The only shoes I’ve ever ordered online is Mudd because they’re sizing is so predictible.
Wondering where the knitting content is? I’ll be back by Monday with some actual knitting progress (I hope). Until then, have a good weekend everyone.

12 thoughts on “Eye Candy Friday: Boots — The Full Scoop

  1. aaaaahhh, boots! cute! i need some new boots and i wish i could wear those ones to work but i doubt i could pull it off. me must make a trip to aerosoles soon!

  2. I’m wearing boots and newly finished hand-knit socks today. Like you, I love the fall.
    The boots I have on today are Clarks and they have a side zipper. I’m digging it!

  3. LOVE the boots, Jody! I got my first pair of fashion boots (as opposed to hiking/snow boots) this season, and I am so excited to wear them – now I just need to pair them with the right skirts and pants! That seems to be the tricky part!

  4. Would so greatly appreciate knowing where in your archives I could find info about your “My Socalled Scarf?”

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