A Couple More Purchases

I lied. There was one more purchase I made at Rhinebeck. It’s Briar Rose Fibers Sonoma (80% wool 20% flax). I was drawn to the creamy flecks of flax and the gentle gradations of color.
It’s just one hank — enough for a generous pair of mitts (up to the elbow).
I’m doing them fingertip to elbow to try and use up the whole hank (and now that I’m halfway done I think I may still have some leftover).


The other purchase? I finally bought some Knit Picks needles. I got the Options Kit as well as the Classic Circulars in the smaller sock sizes.
A lot of reviews have already been written so I’ll be brief:

  • I love love love them
  • The super-flexy cable is perfect for magic looping
  • The join on the Options line is smooth and both a large gauge yarn (3.5 spi) and a very fine gauge yarn (10 spi) slipped over it without a hitch
  • The points are amazing and have the Addis beaten hands down
  • The needles are very slick. Both yarns I’ve used with them were wool. I haven’t tried them with a sticky cotton-type yarn yet.
  • The needle case is well made and holds *a lot* more than just the needles

I have 2 small criticisms:

  • The needles have no indication of their size. It’s easy enough to check with a needle sizer, but a little stamp at the base would be a nice addition.
  • There’s no 2.75mm or 2.25mm (there are so few options for these sizes, at least in the US).

So that’s my quickie review — great needles at an even better value. At 40% the price of Addis, with a slick surface, a more flexible cable, and a pointier tip, these are a fabulous choice.

10 thoughts on “A Couple More Purchases

  1. What a beautiful colour yarn that is. I can’t wait to see the finished product. :) I have one set of KnitPicks Classic Circulars and I love them too. They are great! :)

  2. those are going to be some cozy mitts!!!!
    i agree on the options – i have the circs and love them more than my addi’s – i just hope they make a 40″ so i can do 2 at once a bit easier!

  3. I’m expecting my first pairs of the KP Options, and looking forward to it. Good point about the sizes, maybe if we email requests (they have an option for it) for the longer lengths in circulars too. Your yarn is just beautiful too :).

  4. Totally agree with you on the KP needles – they’re amazing! And I just love that you can purchase needles and cords separately – you can really customize your set to your needs. AND they’re so cheap!

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