Cotton Ease is Returning!

OK, this deserves its own blog entry. I was over at Karma’s blog and read that Cotton Ease is coming back.
So I went to the source — the Yahoo Cotton Ease group — and it looks like it’s really true. Lion Brand responded to someone’s email with:
We are a few months away but we will be introducing a beautiful new color range. We’ll let people know when we have a date.
Nice! So not only are they bringing back a great yarn, but they’re improving the color palette.
While they’re at it, maybe they can even spell the color names correctly 😉 I know there’s popsical blue, but I think there’s at least one more, no?

11 thoughts on “Cotton Ease is Returning!

  1. i was thrilled to hear this too – it’s my favourite yarn for kids’ knits (hell, for adult knits too). when i heard the kafuffle on the blogs a while back about it being discontinued, i bought up a ton, not even knowing what it was about but figured i’d better get it on it, judging by the outcry!

  2. If that is *really* true (the better colors part) it would be so awesome… but I’m still not sure about buying from them after the whole copyright thing that went down with one of their books.

  3. I noticed that you were going to make the Sugarplum Pullover from Handknit Holidays. Did you ever work on it or finish it? I’m curious because I am starting it myself and feel a little dubious about the pattern. Please let me know your thoughts.

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