A Cardigan for Arwen Along


Who’s in with me?
There are no rules to this KAL, just a bunch of knitters enjoying a great pattern. I created a Yahoo Group so we have a place to talk, ask questions, and share advice.
I’ve already ordered my yarn — Aurora 8 in a dark, bright blue. It should be here next weekend.
If you’re interested in joining the KAL leave a comment here (to get in the list on the sidebar) and then go to the Yahoo! Group to become a member of the list.
Oooh, I can’t wait to get started!

24 thoughts on “A Cardigan for Arwen Along

  1. I would love too… but I don’t have my magazine yet… what is the gauge for this cardi and what are the sizes it comes in???
    Cheers Eva

  2. I too have not received my IK and I would like to knit this up – along with the other five projects I have going. Why do some of us receive our IK earlier than others? I wonder . . . .

  3. Love Aurora 8… have you used it before?
    It is super squishy and lovely to knit with but it expands like a motherf!@$%. I learned the hard way with this one. 😉
    The pattern I am using now says to use size 8 needles and I need to use a 4 with it to get gauge post blocking.
    It will be beautiful with those cables though- they really pop with this yarn. yay!

  4. Hey J!! Thanx for the compliments on the tank! You should make it I think it would look great on you!
    This is my favorite sweater from this issue, I even have the cashmerino in stash AND it’s written in fluffy sizing, WOOT! But I have a bunch on my plate right now :(
    But I’ll be watching your progress and maybe I’ll catch up!

  5. That cardi will be amazing in Aurora 8. You’ll want to wear it every day! I’ve never had a cardi with no closure, though. Are you going to knit it as written and wear it without closure? Such a pretty design.

  6. Hello- I am new to your blog, so I don’t yet know whether you are a swatcher or not….my comment goes along with the other person’s about the Aurora 8. I had the exact same experience. I usually am happy that I swatch at all, but for some reason, I decided to wash this swatch as well. My pre-washed swatch was 21 st/4 and post was 19/4! So, while I knit the sweater, it seemed very small, but was fine after a cool bath. Good luck!

  7. Count me in, I was checking the stash for suitable yarns for this pattern this weekend. I know I might be a little late, but I would love to knit-a-long.

  8. I just started, and I love how it’s coming along! I’m thinking about trying to modify the collar, though to not have the hood…

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